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13-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth When She Put Her Daughter In Her Lap The Unexpected Happened

What happened when a 13-year-old put her baby in her lap left everyone stunned. Maddie Lambert and her boyfriend Isaac were two young people in a relationship. He was 15 and she was 13 when they started dating. He was their first real boyfriend and the two of them got along really well. They were both in love and their young love was reckless.

The duo never thought about the consequences of their action as long as they were having fun. Everyone thought their relationship was going well, but things changed on Maddie’s sister’s birthday. They had been dating for over five months, but on this day, Isaac broke up with her. He stated that because they were indifferent high schools and he felt like things were changing, so he thought it was best to end the relationship. The 13-year-old was devastated by this news.

She loved Isaac so much and their breakup was very hard for her to take. The teenager was so depressed and sick that she couldn’t even leave her house. Maddie and every member of her family also had stomach viruses. However, the young girl’s illness lasted longer than every other person’s own. As a result, her mum took her to the hospital where they took her blood and ran a couple of tests on it.

The family was on vacation when they got the results of the test. Maddie knew something was wrong when her mom called her into the room, although she wasn’t sure she had a fair idea of what it might be. Doctors told the girl’s mom that her teenage daughter was about ten weeks pregnant. This was a very scary moment for the mother and daughter, Maddie said. I started missing my period two months before me and my boyfriend broke up and I never really said anything.

I just kind of brushed it off because I was hoping that it wasn’t true. Denying it made it feel like it wasn’t real. I just was too scared because I had also had irregular periods before, so I was also thinking maybe that’s what’s happening again. Normally I would have told my mom, but she’s my best friend, but at that moment I didn’t tell my mum because I was so scared and I didn’t want to disappoint her. After her mum told her what the doctor said, the 13 year old had a mental breakdown and burst into tears.

She thought her mum was going to be very angry with her, so she kept apologizing to her. However, unlike what Maddie expected, her mother responded differently. She said to me, Maddie, don’t cry. It’s happened already and we cannot change the past. We just have to embrace the future.

You’ve made your mistake, but I also love babies. Together we’ll get through this. You are a strong girl and you will be fine. Her mom’s support was exactly what Maddie needed. She stated that although her mum was unhappy about the situation, her mother’s reaction made her feel more relaxed and gave her the strength to handle the difficult period.

For the next few weeks, no one knew Maddie was pregnant. Only her mum, two of her friends, and her stepdad knew she was carrying a baby. But this was because she was very skinny and it took some time before her stomach started to show. When Maddie told her ex boyfriend that she was pregnant, he had pretty much the same reaction she did. Isaac thought she was joking and he didn’t believe it until it was confirmed by Maddie’s mom.

After twelve weeks of gestation, the mother to be had her first ultrasound. Maddie States that this was an important moment that changed everything for her. Seeing her baby sonogram made her realize that this was meant to be and that’s when she was excited to be a mother. However, Maddie’s pregnancy was a bit difficult. Her morning sickness was so severe that she couldn’t eat.

This is why she was so skinny and it also affected her baby, she said. When I had my ultrasound, I remember hearing my baby’s heartbeat. It was so cute and sounded like ocean waves. The next moment after that was very troubling. I was told there were complications because I wasn’t eating very much.

The baby’s weight was low. She was weighing low for several weeks. It became worse when I was told that she had a heart issue. The sonogram person said there was an abnormality, so I had to see a specialist. She went to the specialist for two reasons because her baby was not big enough and the supposed heart issue.

Thankfully, the doctor laid her fears and told her that her daughter’s heart was fine. Although she had no complications, her pregnancy was a challenging one. The pregnancy was excruciating. I had morning sickness for about five months. All day, all night.

I actually cut into my trimester, which was horrible. I remember not being able to leave my room. I could barely eat and it was just the worst thing. At this point, Maddie also had a larger support system. Everyone knew she was pregnant and they supported her.

Her best friend called her regularly and her classmates also kept in touch. Although her life was now completely different from theirs, they tried their best to make sure she didn’t feel left out. However, while she had large support, she also had people who were horrible to her. Now that everyone knows I’m pregnant, some people’s reactions confirmed what I was scared of while my friends were supportive. Well, not all my friends.

Some people said unbelievable things. I didn’t get a lot of negative reactions, a lot of hate. Everybody had something to say and they didn’t hold back. People would say, you’re ruining your life. I had people send me the address to abortion clinics when I was about seven months pregnant.

I was so depressed. There were days that I was very happy and other days when I considered adoption or committing suicide. But I took all that negativity and I shifted it. I said, this is my life. Maddie used the bad comments she got from online trolls as the fuel to spur her on to be a better person and mother for her child.

Her baby was healthy, and after 39 and a half weeks, the medical staff induced her labor. Labor induction is a process of treatment that stimulates childbirth and delivery. Induced labor can be more painful than natural labor. In natural labor, the contractions build up slowly, but in induced labor, they can start more quickly and be stronger. To avoid her dealing with much pain, the doctors gave her an epidural.

An epidural is a procedure that injects a local anesthetic into the space around the spinal nerves in your lower back. This anesthetic helped block the pain from Maddie’s Labor contractions and during the birth very effectively. After 12 hours of Labor, Maddie gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She named her Everly, and the infant weighed £6 at birth. She had no medical issues and didn’t need to be taken to the NICU.

After the little girl was born, Isaac requested a paternity test because he still had doubts whether Everleigh was his daughter. He said, I thought it was all just a joke, like it wasn’t real. And then when she showed me the scan, I felt scared. I was really scared. I just couldn’t accept the fact that it happened.

But it happened. Maddie had the most hate for me, which was correct. I messed up right there. I feel like it would just be a lot better if I would have come out like, hey, this is my daughter. Because of his doubts, he missed the first ten months of his daughter’s life.

However, Everley’s parents have since reconciled. They have put aside their differences and found a way to coparent their daughter because they know it’s the best thing for the little girl, Maddie said. So many people assume I’m a bad mom just because I’m a teenager, but I have the same capacity to parent as anybody else in the world. Isaac and I have found a way to make it work because we both want what’s best for Everly. A good mom is someone who drops everything for her child.

I dropped my whole childhood. I do everything for that little girl. She’s my entire world. I feel like she can just have such an impact. She wants to be the first astronaut on Jupiter.

Maddie States that Everleigh is the best thing that’s ever happened to her. She’s helped her grow and become a better person. Although she initially had to sell almost all of her things to buy clothes for her daughter, she and Everly are now in a much better place financially. She has bought a house. While her daughter, who is now four years old, is doing well in school.

Maddie plans to attend College to study psychology. She’s very proud of herself and daughter? What part of Maddie story do you find most inspiring till next time stay safe.