3. Guy Fieri, Who Fed First Responders

TV personality and foodie Guy Fieri fed first responders who were battling the Camp fire in Northern California at the staging area at Butte College.

4. These Nurses Who Saved Their Patients by Hiding Them In a Garage

Staff at the Feather River Hospital in Paradise, California, were only given 20 minutes to evacuate the premises. Nurses loaded newborn babies and elderly patients into cars and drove them to an abandoned garage, the only structure that was still standing at the time. Several nurses helped patients evacuate in an ambulance, which they were forced to abandon when it caught fire.

We moved patients to the garage of the only house not burning, laid them down and tried to reassure their scared faces while hiding ours. I wanted to run, just get out and run down the street and dodge flames and get to safety but reality reminded me I am not faster than a fierce, fast blowing fire…’I felt so scared, hopeless, and desperate.

They were rescued, but before they left the garage, several nurses swept loose leaves away from the building to minimize the risk of the structure catching fire. They also sprayed the roof with water. Ferguson was able to connect with the homeowner via Facebook

“I am a nurse at feather river and we got trapped there and it saved our life (sic),” Ferguson said. “We were on the roof and watered and when we left it was still standing.”

Shortly after the hospital was evacuated, it caught fire and burned to the ground.

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