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9 Years After A Woman’s Father Passed Away, This Man Knelt At His Grave And She Lost It

In june 2016, christina broughton was visiting napa valley in california. It was her friend’s birthday and she had traveled with her boyfriend matt russo. However, the day would change entirely for christina when she saw a video of a man kneeling at her father’s grave and upon watching the touching moment she totally lost it.christina, had been the one to suggest going to the coleto estate for her friend’s birthday, having remembered it from a previous trip with matt. In fact, it had been the place where the couple had fallen for each other five years beforehand.

As a result, she was enthused about visiting the saint helena location once again and when christina and matt were finally at the cooletto estate, they met up with matt’s brother and a pair of other friends and waited for the birthday girl to arrive. When she did. She called matt and asked for some help carrying her stuff, or at least that’s what christina thought so matt left the scene to assist a woman who is celebrating her special day after he did so. However, the manager of coletto estate arrived and asked that the group watch a video. Indeed, although the first couple of minutes of the video were about the estate and featured a variety of landscape shots of the area, the scenery ultimately faded away, then matt appeared on the screen with a message for christina, as it turned out, he was presenting a longer Video that it was about to play, then different footage began to play, telling a story that christina had never known hello babe.

You are not actually here for the reason you think you’re here for you’re actually here for something completely different. However, before we get into that, there’s some things that you should probably watch enjoy before the visit to napa valley, matt had ostensibly gone on a trip to new york to see friends. The video revealed, however, that he’d actually embarked on the journey in order to do something quite special and a subsequent scene in the clip would make christina burst into tears. It was revealed that matt had gone to visit christina’s father’s grave. He had also laid some of christina’s favorite type of flowers there.

Her boyfriend then spoke to the spirit of christina’s late dad. I wish i would have had the chance to actually have met you mad can be heard. Saying christina tells me all the time about how you and i are very similar. I take pride in that considering how highly she speaks of you. I hope you’ll accept me and allow me to one day be your son-in-law and the video continued showing christina another part of the story.

Matt had traveled again covertly to visit christina’s mom in florida once he was there. He had asked her mom for permission to marry. Christina a request which was granted but while christina was already reeling from the emotional impact of the video. At this point, she was yet to see that matt had filmed yet another stop on his secret journey. This time, he’d flown to las vegas nevada to meet up with his own grandmother, but there’s one more stop that i had to do.

I had something made for you, but there’s a lot of meaning behind part of it, and i wanted somebody to help me explain that to you. The next person to appear on the video was nan matt’s grandmother. She would explain that she wanted christina to have as much happiness from the item in question as she had had it’s a diamond that was purchased in 1935 by my stepmother. The ring was originally my stepmother’s ring, i think, over 80 years old now she also told christina that the ring is gorgeous and that she mustn’t faint when she actually sees it herself. Then in the video matt reappeared again with one last introduction very soon, christina should get up and follow his brother outside before she did so, though, her boyfriend had one last message to share.

In particular, he asked that she reminisced about their times together and their joint accomplishments. Then, after the end of the video, christina, got up and began following matt’s brother down a path in the estate. That’S crazy, i’m speechless christina said wiping her eyes with shaking hands as she rounded a corner. However, she caught sight of matt waiting for her matt was wearing a jacket that christina had bought him, one that he’d later had altered, so it would fit him properly and there surrounded by the natural splendor of the napa valley area. Matt asked christina to marry him.

She was only too happy to say yes, but christina had one more surprise lying in wait for her matt had invited family members and friends to fly in and witness this happy moment. They’D been standing at the side as christina approached matt. They then came out to congratulate the couple once she had accepted the proposal, the very next day, christina and matt, traveled to europe on a vacation they’d planned together beforehand. Yet the adventure was made all the richer. Now that the couple were engaged and through matt’s incredible effort and attention to detail, the proposal had gone off without a hitch.

Indeed, while writing a blog post on the event afterwards, christina marveled at the level of planning and dedication that the proposal and its lead-up had taken and even the smaller details seem to have impressed her. For example, she recalled a facebook group for the birthday party now revealed as a fake, where her friends had left comments. Then the video that matt made and showed to christina was posted on youtube where it later went viral, and it seems many viewers of the footage were as taken with matt’s proposal as christina was the groom to be would note on his blog, my fiance, and i Have received an overwhelming amount of pleasant messages and comments from people all over the globe. He added it has been a truly amazing experience, and i am so happy that i was able to provide something that touched.