Story Time

A man screamed in horror as he opened the door to the new nanny, It was the wife he had buried

A man screamed in horror as he opened the door to the new nanny. It was the wife he had buried, Vadim Androvich clapped stylelav on the shoulder. Don’t tell me you don’t agree. Do I have a way out? There’s always a way out.

Times it turns out to be a way into another life, for example, not always a good one.

Stanislav understood what Vadim Angevic, the director of a huge company where he worked as an ordinary employee, was talking about some time ago. Stanislav’s intelligence had helped him to quickly rise through the ranks in his career, so much so that even his boss had noticed it. Then trouble happened. Fraud was uncovered and the whole Department was summarily fired. Status Lav was among them, although he was not to blame for the incident.

Only two months later, he managed to get a job as a Courier at a small firm. He could only dream of his previous opportunities, but he was not discouraged, as he was used to relying only on himself. One day he had to deliver a letter to his former boss and deliver it personally in his hands.

Vadimanjovic was on the phone at the time trying to solve problems in the area where Stanislav had previously worked. The new head of the Department was not coping with his duties at all. Stanislav quickly assessed the situation and helped Vadim Androvich to easily deal with the problem. Well done. Do you want to work for me?

Actually, not long ago I was working for you. Really? Vadim? Androvic was surprised. And I wonder where I’ve seen you.

And why did you leave? Statuslav reminded of that situation and Vadim underwic nodded. Well, that makes sense. Then consider that you have Amnesty tomorrow. Bring the documents.

We’ll hire you again if you do not mind. Status Lab didn’t mind. He did not mind returning to the company to an even higher position than before, not against the fact that Vadimandrovich quickly brought him closer to himself. He also didn’t mind when the boss called him in for a Frank personal conversation. Status laugh.

All the time you’ve been working for me, I’ve been looking at you. And now I want to make you an offer you can’t refuse. I’ll tell you frankly, marry my daughter, and then I’ll do everything I can to make sure you’re happy for the rest of your life. How do I marry her? Well, how people get married.

Normally, I know my mother has no gift, but what can I do? It’s entirely my fault. Her mother died in childbirth, and all my life I felt guilty about it. I’ve always been rich. 30 years ago, I had nothing.

I couldn’t even pay the doctors to take good care of my wife. But the times were different, and so were the opportunities. After my wife died, I was left alone with a daughter in my arms. At first my mother helped me. She looked after Marta, and I worked day and night preparing several projects.

At once one of them got noticed, and I finally got off the ground. Gradually, the business gained momentum, but I was unable to combine the role of businessmen and father. Marta grew up capricious and cranky. I was just now seeing that, I decided to give her a marriage. But why me?

Staff was surprised. It’s simple. She chose you. Getting married was not just a bargain for status laugh, but a real challenge. Martha liked Stas, but she was not ready for the role of a wife and did not behave like a grown woman, but like a child.

Even after having two children, she had not settled down and decided that children should be taken care of by nannies, not her. She had other things to do. She liked going out with her friends, going to clubs, and harassing Staffs with her jealousy. How many times has she burst into a business meeting and scandalized Staff just because he didn’t pick up the phone in time? Staff took her out the door and tried to explain that she was wrong.

After calming down, she would leave the business center where the company offices were located. But she wasn’t going home. She was going somewhere where she was dousing her nonexistent grief with alcohol. Staff looked for her all over the city, brought her home, tried to bring her to her senses. After she woke up, she’d give him another scandal.

He lived in such a hell for five years. One autumn day, Marta called Staff and asked him to pick her up. Where are you? He realized his wife was drunk again. She named a hotel in a room.

Martha. But what are you doing there? You should be at home with the children. I don’t owe you anything. And you’ll see that now?

I don’t doubt it, said Stas, and went to the car. Ten minutes later he was at the hotel and went up to the right room. The door was open and Staff froze on the threshold of the room. On the big bed, Marta was making fun with some man. Seeing her husband, she laughed.

So now do you understand how I felt when you cheated on me? By the way, the last nanny you hired, I kicked her out. I know she’s always getting into your bed, so look, I can cheat on you, too. I called you on purpose. This is my revenge.

I never cheated on you, Staff said quietly. I put up with all your foolishness, but you’ve outdone yourself. I’m filing for divorce tomorrow. Staff left. Marta only now began to realize what she had done.

She got dressed as fast as she could and ran after her husband. But his car was gone, so she got behind the wheel of her own. Staff had no sooner reached home when he received a call that Marta had been taken to hospital in a critical condition. She lost control of her car, went over the curb, and crashed in the corner of a building. Staff found her alive, but instead of words of forgiveness, Marta said, don’t expect me to leave you like this.

I’ll come to you. You won’t get a divorce. Those were her last words. All the days that followed were filled with a series of endless events. He did everything he could to keep Marta and Vadeem androvit’s Name out of harm’s way.

He never complained to his fatherinlaw about his daughter and tried to cope with the problems himself. He organized the funeral himself, too, not wanting to disturb Vadim anjovic. The unfortunate father was heartbroken. It was good that the children were small and did not understand anything, but they were not used to their mother anyway. Another concern fell on Stanislav.

Before her death, Marta had fired the children’s nanny, and now he had to look for a new woman to help him bring up the children. Several candidates were not accepted, and for almost a month stats may do with the help of nannies who came in for a few hours a day. But now he was spending a lot of time with the children himself, willingly taking care of them and playing with them. But he also kept looking for a permanent nanny. One morning the doorbell rang at his house.

Scott opened the door, thinking it was the new nanny, but immediately he slammed the door because Marda was standing on the doorstep. His heart was beating frantically. It couldn’t be her. Exactly 40 days ago, he had buried her. She was dead.

No one was ever resurrected, but there could be no doubt either. In front of him stood his late wife. She had kept her word and had come. Could it be that he had gone mad? The thought made Staff so happy that he laughed.

He was ready for anything, even madness, just not to bring Marta back into his life. He couldn’t take it anymore. The woman standing outside the door, not understanding anything, listened to the laughter of the man in front of her. Such strange behavior surprised her, but she needed the job, and Stanislav was offering very favorable terms. So she waited patiently until the door that had almost knocked her on the nose opened again.

Staff opened a small crack and looked at his guest with one eye and then asked, Why have you come, Martha? You don’t have to come here. Dead is dead. Stay in peace. I’ve forgiven you for everything.

Thank you. Of course, she muttered. But I’m not Martha. I’m Darya. What Darya?

Stanislav didn’t understand anything now. Just Darya. You advertised that you needed a nanny, so I came. Are you sure you’re not Martha? I’m sure.

I can show you my passport. Let me see it, Stanislav asked. As he opened the door. The young woman’s name was Darya, but how much he resembled his late wife, the same face. Taking the passport in his hands, Stanislav shrieked again.

Daria’s date of birth was exactly the same as Martha’s. Dasha shuddered at his shout, then carefully took the passport from Stanislav’s hands and said, you know, I should probably go look for a job somewhere else. She turned around and managed to take one step, but ran into some old man who, like Stanislav, screamed in surprise and then rushed to hug and kiss her. My girl, Marta, my daughter. You’re back, Martha.

How you frightened us. It was you who frightened me, she answered, climbing out of his arms. I’m not Marta. I’m Darya, and I came to get a job as a babysitter, and now I’m in some kind of madhouse. Please let me go.

I won’t bother you anymore, Dasha said, Badim androvit surprised, stepping back a little but not letting go of her hand. And where is Marta? Not immediately, all managed to calm down when emotion subsided a little. Dasha looked at the photo of Marta, her copy with surprise, and told her that she grew up in an orphanage. Her parents had abandoned her at birth, Vadim androvitch Stanislev said thoughtfully, Dasha was born on the same day as Martha.

You said that your wife died in childbirth. Maybe there was a mistake and it was hidden from you that not one daughter was born, but two. I don’t know, Vadim Androvich replied, I do not understand anything. My guess is easy to check. Staff, smile.

Do a paternity test. Darya. You don’t mind, do you? Darya, stunned by everything that is happening, nodded, still apprehensively, looking at these strange men. A few days later, having received a positive result, she hugged her new relatives, not understanding how this could have happened.