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A woman spent thousands of dollars to get pregnant. When the doctor saw the ultrasound, he was shocked

Sometimes it seems that life plays a joke on you especially when you have been waiting for something for a long time so long that you start to tell yourself that it can’t happen anymore but instead you get more than you imagine and this is the case of this woman she had spent thousands of dollars to get pregnant but when the doctor saw her ultrasound they were shocked why Stay tuned to find out adebole and agibola are a couple from western nigeria who had fertility problems they tried for many years but could not conceive so they tried assisted reproductive technology they opted for in vitro fertilization although they tried the treatment many

times she still didn’t get pregnant they spent over two hundred thousand dollars trying several procedures and even adobe’s family stopped believing they Would have a baby also if you have not done so already please subscribe to our channel and click that notification bell to get inspired by these real-life stories every day now back to the story instead they pressured him to divorce his wife and marry another woman but he refused i let them know that i love my wife i assured them that my wife aguibola would deliver a baby he said and his

perseverance eventually paid off After trying for over 17 years agibola became pregnant the couple was very excited but that was not the best surprise they went to the hospital for their first ultrasound in november and although the couple was happy to have only one child the results revealed that she was carrying four babies they stated that they were filled with joy when they saw four heartbeats on the monitor however at the next ultrasound in january things got more interesting The doctors were surprised to find two more babies meaning that the couple was having sex tablets after waiting nearly two decades and spending thousands of dollars

the couple was going to have six babies at once isn’t it amazing after 30 weeks and two days agi bola delivered her babies via c-section at virginia commonwealth university hospital her joy when she held her babies for the first time was Indescribable the children were born premature and remained in the nicu for a while aguibola has one wish for her children i want my children to go back to psu to study and learn how to care for others this couple’s story shows that with patience and perseverance hardships and odds can disappear here is a woman whose birth story gives a different meaning to the word twins julia and todd struggled with infertility for years the couple was About to give up the idea of having children however they made one last

attempt and this time they were lucky julia got pregnant they went to the hospital for an ultrasound and the results of the ultrasound revealed something our doctor rushed to see what was going on and tried to explain what we were seeing on the screen in the 30 years of experience i had never seen anything like this he said good julia you’re not having twins but two babies He explained further tests revealed the cause as the couple had been trying very hard to conceive julia became pregnant twice in one week yep you heard it right after some research julia’s pregnancy was defined as a superfitation this occurs when another egg is fertilized by a sperm and implants in the uterus days or weeks after the first one [Music] she was told that although her babies Would be born on the same day they could not be called twins however julia’s unique case also carried some

problems one of her babies could be born premature to counteract this problem the doctors made sure she was as close to term as possible in the end julia delivered her children by c-section i ended up having a c-section because hudson was underdeveloped and we didn’t want to take any chances she explains although they were born on the same day Her children jillian and hudson were two weeks apart when asked if she would label her children as twins she said as they come to understand their special bond todd and i will let jillian and hudson label themselves whatever label they want there is nothing like the bond between a mother and daughter the following story is one of unconditional love kim and joe had been married for six years but

she had no chance of conceiving kim had a Daughter and son from a previous marriage while this was joe’s first marriage she had a partial hysterectomy which ruined her chance of having another baby the couple tried to adopt but were having problems kim’s doctor told her that she had one ovary left which also meant she had eggs that could cause a pregnancy her mother jazzy realized that joe was very good with her grandchildren she also saw how much they wanted children so She offered to be a surrogate doctors had to test 56 year old jazzy to see if she was able to gestate a baby and she passed the tests her first ivf procedure failed but the cleveland clinic where jazzy worked offered to sponsor another procedure and this time the treatment was

successful two eggs were placed in jazzy but the family was in for an even bigger surprise one of the eggs split into identical twins so jazzy was going to have triplets isn’t that amazing However she had to deliver the babies before the due date she said one of the twins had stopped growing and was not doing as well as it should tests showed that the baby could be in danger on the day of delivery elizabeth was born first and the twins carmina and gabriela came out later their doctor also states that he believes jazzy is the world’s oldest surrogate mother the triplets were transferred to the nicu after birth After a few weeks elizabeth was the first to be discharged while the twins were discharged later the grandmother said it’s one more thing i can do for my daughter you know a mother’s love and one can only agree with her from a mother’s unconditional love the following story is that of a woman who beat all odds to deliver a baby when annie became pregnant her doctor told her that she was diabetic this disease poses risks to the baby diabetes

can Cause birth defects in the heart brain or spine it can also cause a miscarriage annie’s doctor was concerned that she would give birth with these complications so he took precautions and put her on a diet to help her eat healthy and control her glucose she was able to carry the baby for nine months however that day she had to be rushed in as it seemed that her doctor’s worst fears were about to be confirmed and he was having complications despite the Difficulties annie successfully delivered her son in an operation that lasted 40 minutes his size made it difficult to get him out of the womb the baby weighed wait for it eight kilos not a big baby at all right his middle name is akbar a name that fits as it means big or great in arabic the child’s size is the result of his mother’s gestational diabetes at first akbar had breathing problems so he was given oxygen he has since recovered and Is now healthy he has a very big appetite every minute he feeds

non-stop this child is extraordinary the way he cries is not that of a normal baby he is noisy both mother and child are in good condition said the doctor the task of feeding this big baby is not lost on his father he says i’m very happy that my baby and his mother are in good health i hope i can feed the baby well while akbar is the biggest newborn in indonesia here is another story of a Woman who overcame difficulties to get pregnant christy and toby are a young couple from greenwood hampshire who had been in a relationship for over three years they were focused on their careers and weren’t planning on having children in fact christy was on the pill and the odds of getting pregnant while on the pill are 100 to one so when she felt unwell

and went to the hospital the last thing she expected was to be told she Was pregnant i was at work and christy called me crying but in a good way it was a mixture of tears and laughter when she told me i was shocked tells toby although they had not planned to have children the couple was very excited about the news he said we found out on friday that she was pregnant and on monday they did the ultrasound because she had some complications the first surprise was that she was pregnant but that was nothing compared to the second In the scan picture you can only see three small spots because they were only six weeks old christy was pregnant with triplets although they were waiting for her to reach 36 weeks before inducing her she went into labor 13 weeks early she delivered her babies by cesarean section at princess anne’s hospital in

southampton most surprisingly gabriella lily and alicia are identical triplets doctors claim that most identical Triplets are born through fertility treatment but christie has conceived hers naturally isn’t that amazing while their mother was discharged the babies remained in the nicu until their original due date christy and toby visit their babies daily and can’t wait to take them home the unexpected is unparalleled which of these stories did you find the most interesting if you have any unusual pregnancy stories share them with me in the comments talk to you Soon if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up and consider sharing it with someone who may find it interesting thanks for watching and i’ll talk to you in the next one you.