Story Time

A young boy crashed his bike into a Porsche. What the owner of the car did SURPRISE everyone!

A young boy crashed his bike into a porsche. What the owner of the car did surprised. Everyone, hello, friends, many believe that a good deed towards a particular person will not change the world in general. Still, we must not forget that the world will change forever. For that same person, and not only to start a chain of genuine kindness, but also to change their attitude towards life, i don’t know who said it, but it makes you want to believe it.

Our story begins in turkey, where a woman named ego tells of an event that, in her opinion, restored her faith in miracles and people. For what else could one call the action of the protagonist of this story? It all started when a twelve-year-old boy named kareem received a gift of his dreams for his birthday, the boy had long dreamed of owning a bicycle: stopping to look at store windows, displaying sports bikes gleaming with fresh paint. Maybe for someone this is not the limit of their dreams, given the realities of the modern world. But the fact is that kareem’s family after the death of his father, who is the family’s breadwinner, lived extremely poor.

It was clear that the boy’s mother had no money to buy a new bicycle, but knowing her son’s dream, she saved some for a few months and bought this gift for her son at a flea market. To say that the two-wheeled wonder he bought did not look very presentable is irrelevant as kareem the one his peers. Previously envied did not care. The boy was happy. He dreamed that tomorrow he would ride with his friends on the streets and even ride his bike to school, but soon it was time to say goodbye to his bike.

A few days after kareem received his long-awaited gift. He came home empty-handed and in tears, as the boy told his mother, he was going too fast on a downhill when an expensive car came out of a parking lot that got in his way and the bike hit. It karim tried to evade the collision at the last moment, but unfortunately failed. The impact shattered the car’s taillight and the bumper and rear fender were bent pretty badly only. Luckily he was spared injury and when a well-dressed man got out of the car and saw the damage, the boy began to cry out of fright, he could only lower his head without knowing what to say.

Of course, the boy understood the situation and was aware of the consequences, and when the stranger asked him how it happened, the boy told him everything as it was. It turned out that the brakes on kadeem’s bike didn’t always work correctly. He tried not to go so fast, but this time he didn’t calculate it so well and when the owner of the car started calling someone on the phone looking sideways at the damage. The boy realized that now the owner would not only leave him without his bike. But also make his mother pay for the expensive car repair.

At that point, the boy would have settled for a scolding, but to his surprise, the man did the opposite, took down his name and address told him to expect his visit got in the car and drove off. So i don’t think it goes without saying that her son at the door listening to her sad story and thinking about what might happen at that moment, the woman looked around her precarious home and began to cry. The mother and son spent the next two days in great distress and on the third day there was a knock on her car door. Of course the poor woman had prepared for the worst, but she couldn’t even imagine what would happen at that time. Imagine the surprise of the boy’s mother when she saw the same owner of the expensive imported car at the door.

But the fact is that he was holding with a smile, nothing more and nothing less than a brand new modern bike with all the necessary ornaments and accessories without letting the house owner say a word. The stranger simply handed the brand new bike to the boy and said you know. I thought it was about time. You changed your bike. At that moment, karim and his mother thought this was just a dream, but it was pure reality as the boy, happily rode.

His new bicycle near his home, the man named yusuf, thanked his mother for buying him a bike. Despite all the difficulties in raising a good son later, the man said that seeing kareem’s old bicycle reminded him of himself as a child. Although it sounds like a fairy tale, a similar secret had happened to him long ago, as he was not from a wealthy family and it also hit an expensive car. The owner did the same as he did now saying goodbye. The man just shook kadeem’s hand and told him to take care of his mother.

Thank you for the memory of my childhood. For me to repair the car and buy a bicycle is not expensive, but for you it is a natural wonder. I hope that many years from now, kadeem will do the same and not break this chain of kindness. Of course, the stranger’s act touched the woman so much that she soon shared the story on the internet. Unfortunately, there were no photos of the event so as they say we had to improvise still.

This case proves once again that the greatness of a person is not measured by the thickness of his wallet but by the kindness of his heart and his attitude towards the weak and, most importantly, once you have done a good deed for a person. Its fruits will surely spread worldwide and keep people’s hearts warm for a long time.