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A Young Woman Cried When Marrying an Old Man. A SECRET Was Exposed at Home. THIS Happened Next

Brides usually have gorgeous smiles on their wedding day, but florence’s case was different. She was as sad as rain drops on a grave. She felt within her spirit that she was about to make the biggest mistake of her life. The man she was getting married to was old enough to be her grandfather, if only she knew the huge secret. The old man was hiding from her florence had big dreams.

She wanted to own. Several businesses live in a mansion and help her parents gary and dorothy out of abject poverty. She didn’t mind that sometimes things would get so bad for her family that they slept under bridges. She continued believing that she was meant for greatness, but what, if getting? To?

The top also meant sacrificing the things that mattered the most to her like happiness and love in a bid to help her family florence took up a job as a housekeeper in a different city. Her boss promised to sponsor her younger brother’s education and also help her start a business. Unfortunately, two weeks after florence started her job, she found herself stuck in a messy situation. Her boss was a sadist and he subjected her to all kinds of harsh treatments from which he derived pleasure. He would sometimes lock her in a dark room and ask her to scream until she lost her voice.

Of course he paid florence, but it wasn’t even half of what he promised her. Each month, florence sent her salary to her parents without taking a dime out of it. Sadly, her parents didn’t know what she was going through. No one knew she cried herself to sleep at night. She was so scared of her boss that whenever he screamed her name, she felt stabbing pains in her chest.

Florence endured all this for three years until one day when she summoned enough courage to call it quits that day, her boss gave her a sharp object and asked her to harm her finger. The request sent florence into her rage. She heard a voice in her head asking her to run and never return. Then another voice in her said. If you run away, how will you take care of your family?

You will let them down florence thought about everything she had endured and she knew she could. No longer carry on her soul was hurt and troubled. Just then she screamed you are so evil boss, i’m leaving. I don’t need your money anymore. I will survive without you, but her boss, let out an evil, laugh and mocked her.

You are a stupid girl. Who is going to feed your family? You are going to come running back very soon. As soon as florence got home. She collapsed in her parents, arms when she woke up.

She told them. I can’t do it anymore. I have been through so much. I can’t take it anymore: florence had a hit on everything she was going through from her parents. Gary and dorothy continued doing their best to provide for their children.

Sometimes they had nothing to eat the family, lived in despair and cried themselves to sleep each night. Then one day when they were least expecting, it help came in the form of a wealthy 70 year old man. That day florence now 23 was indoors with her family when they suddenly heard a car hooting in front of their house a few seconds later, a wealthy. Looking man knocked on their door and asked to speak with florence’s parents, he introduced himself and gave the couple many food items and a bag filled with money. The elderly man told gary and dorothy that he would like to marry their daughter afterwards.

He bit them goodbye and promised a visit the following week that night gary and dorothy called their daughter into the room and told her about the old man’s plea florence burst into tears right away, and she asked her parents to give her some time to think about It why was life so unfair to her? Why did she have to bear such a heavy burden, the thoughts of being with such an old man crushed florence’s heart? Sadly, it seemed this was the only way the universe was willing to help her family. Florence felt it would be cruel of her to reject the only proposal that could give her parents and her younger brother a happy life, so she decided to sacrifice her happiness for the greater good. The following weekend, dorothy styled her daughter’s hair nicely and made her wear a gorgeous red gown.

We won’t force you to be with him back off. If you can’t go on dorothy, told her daughter with tears in her eyes back off dorothy yelped. How could she back off when they were all about to die from hunger? Twenty seconds later, the old man knocked on the door and florence let him in as soon as he came in, he flashed her a warm smile, and surprisingly, she immediately felt at ease with him. The man sat down and asked florence if she would like to play a game of cards and she agreed before florence knew it.

She was laughing, smiling and playing with the old man like he was her childhood friend i told you i’m going to win. I won florence screamed excitedly and she threw herself in the old man’s welcoming arms when he left that evening. Florence spent the whole day thinking about him. She enjoyed every bit of their conversation. He was funny charming, intelligent and humble the old man continued visiting florence, and each day she found new reasons to fall in love with him every day he was a great listener and he supported her dreams of being a powerful and influential woman.

Florence never asked him for gifts or money; instead, she told them. His love was enough to make her happy. She didn’t care if the old man’s face was wrinkled and that he was old enough to be her grandfather. She just loved him with all of her hearts. Sadly, a few months later, she would learn this man’s shocking secret.

Would her love be strong enough to withstand the truth? Some months later, both families chose the wedding day and they made the necessary preparations. Finally, it was the wedding day florence was as beautiful as a glittery star in the dark sky. She looked like a queen in her flowing wedding gown, but deep down this beautiful bride’s heart was aching. Yes, she loved the old man, but she couldn’t help feeling pessimistic.

Was she making the right choice? Would her happiness be temporary? Would she be forever comfortable with a 70 year old man? The priest asked florence if she would take the old man as her lawfully wedded husband until death parts them, and she said yes, i will with tears in her eyes when the wedding was over, a driver drove the couple to the old man’s house. It was a gorgeous and gigantic mansion.

The old man led florence into their room and he said feel at home. I will be right back after 30 minutes of waiting, florence lay on the bed and slept off three hours later. She woke up and was shocked to find the room empty. She was so scared. She called her husband’s name, but there was no response.

She thought she would be locked up again and subjected to all kinds of unspeakable treatments. She was about to run out of the room when the door suddenly flung open and the gorgeous man in his early 30s walked in his hair was as dark as ebony and his lips as red. As ripe cherry, he was wearing the old man’s wedding ring and tuxedo, and he held a card that said hello wifey. Who are you? What are you doing here, where’s my beloved husband, florence screamed amid steers.

What have you done to him? Where is he? She screamed harder in response. The gorgeous man smiled and florence recognized the smile right away. It was exactly the way her husband smiled.

She even noticed this tooth gap and it was just like her husband’s who are you. Florence asked peering at the man as she stared intently at him. She noticed a striking resemblance between him and her husband after a moment of silence the young man finally said. I knew you would recognize me. It’S me alfred, your husband at that point.

He stretched his hands and florence slowly placed her hand in his. She recognized his touch right away. Is it really you florence asked with an eye, filled with questions? Just then her husband told her that makeup transformed him into an old man. I have been watching you for some time and i know everything that you’ve been through.

I got your boss arrested for what he did to you. I admire your strength and courage. I only pretended to be an old man to see if you would love me for who i am. I don’t want someone to love me for my wealth. Thank you so much for choosing me.

Florence burst into tears right away and she kissed her husband passionately. She understood his decision to act like an old man. She was glad that her patients sacrifice and humility paid off. I’M just happy that i still have you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old.

I love you for who you are. Florence said with a broad smile, what a beautiful ending indeed, love transcends all barriers. I hope you enjoy this story. Let me know what you think about it in the comments section.