Story Time

After Spending 4 Years in a Coma, she “Woke up”, Spoke her First Words and Shocked Everyone

Victoria was an athletic girl even from a very young age, she loved sports from swimming and cycling to running and jumping. She lived for the competition and loved being able to show off her talents. However, when she was struck down with a mysterious illness at the age of 11, doctors said she would never walk again. Would that be victoria’s life from now on, or would she defy all odds and surprise the doctors? The answer will leave you speechless.

Everyone used to marvel at how sporty and athletic victoria was, while other girls, her age, were busy messing with their toys or playing outside victoria, chose to exercise. She didn’t do it because she had to. She did it because he wanted to victoria. Was a beautiful young girl, full of energy and she needed to get it out. Somehow sports was her way of doing that.

On mondays and thursdays. She would go running on tuesdays and fridays. She would dance and on wednesdays, saturdays and most sundays, she would do her. Favorite sport ever swimming, you see, victoria was a true water baby and she could spend her days endlessly swimming up and down the pool at a pace that even an adult would struggle to keep up with. She had a lot of potential and, as she started, to focus more on swimming, she captured the attention of several coaches and managers who said they’d like to represent victoria.

She had raw potential you see and with a little training and time she’d be able to go to the olympics. Now to a young and unworldly victoria. The olympics seemed like the biggest thing in the world. Even her parents were excited by the prospect of their little girl, potentially competing in the olympics, so victoria threw herself into her training, hoping to become the very best that she could be and one day get to compete on the world stage. She showed promise and even competed in local races and competitions more often than not winning first place every single time.

Her coach told her that if she carried on at this rate, she would be a world-class swimmer in no time and then the possibilities were limitless, but unfortunately, things all started to go wrong. A few weeks after victoria’s 11th birthday, she developed a cough. It was nothing more than just an irritation at first, but it was persistent and gradually got worse and worse. The coughing got so bad that victoria passed out several times eventually ending up in the hospital checking her over doctors couldn’t see anything wrong with her but decided to keep her in for the night just to be sure, but it was when she woke up in the Middle of the night that victoria noticed something seriously wrong. She couldn’t feel or move the lower half of her body.

She had become paralyzed from the waist down. It was a scary and confusing time for poor victoria, but as doctors tried their best to reverse the paralysis, it soon became clear that things were getting even worse. Within several hours, victoria had collapsed in her bed having fallen into a deep coma. It all happened so quickly. It was hard for anyone to comprehend her parents were beyond inconsolable and wrought with worry about their daughter.

What had caused this? Why did she deserve such a horrible thing? Could she be fixed? Doctors remained skeptical, but for victoria’s sake, everyone held on to hope, but days became weeks. Weeks became months and months became years and still victoria remained in her coma.

Her parents would talk to her every single day, cleaning, her and spending time with her trying to provide her with comfort. Doctors said that there was a chance that victoria could hear them, even though she was in a coma, so they never stopped talking to her as if she was conscious. One of the hardest things for a parent to come to terms with is that their promising and amazing child might never again be conscious. They might never get to hear their daughter’s sweet, laugh or cute voice. They may never have the opportunity to see her swim and compete again and when that is your only child, it’s undoubtedly a bitter pill to swallow.

It was a little before her 17th birthday, though, that things started to change. Doctors noticed her finger twitch every now and again and even saw a little neck movement. It wasn’t enough to say that she was waking up, but it was enough to rekindle the hope, but when her parents turned up that day, that spark turned into a blazing fire of hope. You see her mother held her hand as she was talking to her. She had become used to the fact that victoria wouldn’t ever squeeze back, but she liked to squeeze and stroke her daughter’s hands as they talked as she believed it would help and comfort her girl, but as she was going through her usual routine of telling victoria about Her day she jumped out of her skin when she felt a small but definite squeeze on her hand with tears in her eyes, victoria’s mother started telling her to wake up and that they were here for her and despite the doctor’s worst fears, she started to move.

Only a tiny bit at first and then more noticeable movements. After close to six long and grueling years, she was finally waking up much to her parents shocking surprise, victoria started to open her eyes. She was miraculously coming out of the coma. She looked lovingly at her mother and father, weakly smiling and speaking two words. I’M back.

While doctors were undeniably flabbergasted at her awakening, they were still pessimistic about her chances of fully recovering. She had been in a coma for so long that there was a good chance that her paralysis would have become ingrained and she would still never be able to walk again. This was devastating news to be sure, but victoria had an ace up. Her sleeve hope her brain had plenty of time to think, while in the coma and when she awoke her brain was jolting her with constant shots of optimism. She had heard the doctor say: she’d, never wake up from the coma.

They were wrong. Now they were telling she’d never walk again. They might be wrong again. So over the course of the next year, victoria attended every single physical therapy session that she could. She did all her exercises and pushed herself to regain the use of her legs and as if by some kind of miracle, it slowly started to happen, but the true test came as she tentatively stood on the side of her swimming pool, her legs, shaking on her Own body weight they were still weak and unused to walking, but she stepped into the water, and it’s as if she had reverse time.

Her legs took to swimming as if she had never been in a coma or paralyzed victoria found that, even though she wasn’t up to her old speeds or even that of the other people in the pool at the time, her legs felt normal and everything was working. As it should and as she swam, she cried tears of happiness, she had done it. While victoria tried to get back to her former fitness levels. It was just too much for her body. She was sad, but she knew her limits.

Her dreams of attending the olympics were dashed, but luckily her spirits remained up. She had certainly come a long way. Victoria counted her blessings every single day. After all that she had been through. She was grateful for the small things she was happy to wake up in the morning, happy to be able to walk and swim again and happy to be out of the hospital and once again living a relatively normal life.

Sure she missed competitive swimming. But that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes and as they say, when one door closes, another opens a local news. Theme had been following victoria’s story ever since you went into a coma well, her miraculous story of recovery had caught the eye of national news outlets, and before long she had been invited to give motivational speeches at several hospitals and schools. She might have only been 18, but victoria’s story of struggle and survival really resonated with people, and her message was a simple yet important and universal one. If i can do it, you can do it too, but the story doesn’t end there, because things only get better because of her fame victoria became a tv presenter hosting several sports shows, and she was delighted when several years later she was invited to commentate on the Swimming at the olympics, when she heard the news she was overjoyed, she might not be competing, but it looked like she’d get to the olympics.

After all. So now it’s over to you. What do you think of this inspirational and uplifting story? Would you have had the force of will to learn to walk again after being in a coma for so long, be sure to let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section see you next time.