After This Baby Was Born, His Mother Took One Look And Realized He Isn’t a Baby

After this baby was born his mother took one look and realized he isn’t a baby doctors abandoned a premature infant who died because he was delivered two days too early according to his distraught mother who spoke out publicly this week please rescue my son sarah capewell pleaded with them when her small son was born at barely 21 weeks and five days into her pregnancy nearly four months early

They allegedly refused to listen to her requests claiming that they were following national standards that said that newborns born before 22 weeks should not be given medical attention the 23 year old mother of jaden capewell claims doctors failed to even see her son who survived for nearly two hours without medical assistance the mother said that he was breathing unassisted had a good heartbeat and was even moving his arms and legs but medics

Would not allow him to be admitted to a special care infant unit miss capewell is now asking for a review of the medical recommendations which she believes should be done medical professionals allegedly told her that if the baby had been born two days later at 22 weeks they would have attempted to rescue him as a matter of fact medical rules for health service hospitals say that babies delivered at fewer than 23 weeks should

Not be admitted to critical care medical intervention for a premature children is not in the best interest of the newborn according to the nuffield’s council guideline which is not mandatory but considered standard practice by the organization despite the fact that james paget hospital in norfolk declined to comment on the issue it claimed that it was not in charge of developing criteria for premature babies

Like other acute hospitals we follow national recommendations from the british association for perinatal medicine addressing premature babies said a spokesperson for the trust she claims that the guidelines have robbed her son of a shot at life because she’s had five miscarriages when he was born his mother described him as having put out his arms and legs and pushed himself over he was breathing and had a good

Heartbeat according to the midwife who hailed him as a little fighter i kept asking for the doctors but the midwife answered we don’t have any they aren’t going to come and help you dear make the most of the time you have with him while you still have it it’s a pity despite the fact that she held her newborn in her arms and snapped wonderful photographs of him he died in her arms less than two hours after his delivery

Miss capewell who’s the mother of jody a five-year-old daughter went into labor in october last year at the age of 21 weeks and four days after experiencing complications during her pregnancy as a result of not having reached 22 weeks she was told that she was not eligible for any interventions such as a steroid injection to assist in strengthening her baby’s lungs or an injection to try to stop the labor medical professionals on the other hand

Advised her to approach the labor as a miscarriage rather than a delivery and expect her baby to be born with severe male formations or perhaps stillborn she described how she pleaded with a pediatrician saying you’ve got to assist only to be told no we don’ t by the physician in the middle of the night while her contractions were still going strong a priest came to her bedside to talk about grieving and funeral arrangements she

Alleges according to her she was sitting there reading a brochure on preparing a funeral when she realized she was holding her unborn child who had yet to be delivered let alone died after his death she even had to fight with hospital officials for the right to get birth and death certificates which allowed her to give her son a proper funeral something she’d never done before

She was taken back when she learned that another child born in the united states at 21 weeks and six days into her mother’s pregnancy had made it through amelia taylor was born in florida in 2006 and she recently celebrated her second birthday which took place in october of this year she’s the world’s youngest survivor of a pre-term birth according to miss capewell i couldn’t believe it when i learned that one young

Girl amelia taylor was born in florida in 2006 at the age of 21 weeks and six days and is in wonderful condition this has been experienced by thousands of women the doctors say the infants will not live but how do they know if they’re not going to give them a chance says the mother the labor parties tony wright has endorsed miss capewell’s plea for a re-examination of medical recommendations which she’s called for

Since last year in his words when a woman wants to give her baby the best chance possible she should unquestionably be provided with that opportunity what the medical recommendations have to say about it when it was first published three years ago the guidance on reducing care for the most pre-term neonates sparked widespread uproar experts in medical ethics have

Recommended doctors not to resuscitate babies who delivered before 23 weeks in the womb arguing that it’s not in the child’s best interest to do so at this stage if the gestational age is definite and less than 23 plus zero it would be regarded in the best interest of the baby and conventional practice to refrain from doing resuscitation the recommendation stated medical intervention for a child

Delivered between 22 and 23 weeks would only be provided if the parents specifically desired it and only after a conversation about the possible outcomes had taken place the rules were accepted by the british association of perinatal medicine and are followed by hospitals affiliated with the national health service doctors consider them to be the best available advice on the treatment of premature babies according to the group

Which stated that they were not intended to be a set of instructions every year in the united kingdom more than 80,000 babies are born prematurely with approximately 40,000 of those requiring intensive care treatment the national health service nhs spends an estimated 1 billion pounds per year on their treatment however while survival rates for babies born after 24 weeks in the womb have dramatically increased rates for babies

Born earlier in the womb have remained relatively stable despite breakthroughs in medicine and technology babies born before the 23rd week of pregnancy are just too underdeveloped to live and using harsh therapeutic methods would only serve to prolong their misery or inflict pain on them the nutfield council on bioethics developed the guidelines following a two-year inquiry in which doctors nurses and religious leaders provided testimony

However just a few weeks before the findings were published in 2006 a child was delivered in the united states demonstrating that a baby can survive if given medical therapy at an earlier stage than 22 weeks amelia taylor was born in florida on october 24 2006 after only 21 weeks and six days in the womb she was the youngest of three children her second birthday was celebrated the previous year

Doctors treated her as if she were a week older than she actually was because they assumed she was however they later confessed that they would not have treated her if they had known her genuine age her birth also occurred at the same time as a discussion in the united kingdom over whether the abortion restriction should be lowered a number of people asserted that if a baby can survive at 22 weeks then the

Time restriction for abortion should be reduced the argument which was defeated in parliament came after a reduction in the time limit in 1990 when mps dropped it from 28 weeks to 24 weeks in accordance with scientific data that fetuses might survive outside the womb at an earlier age than previously thought experts on the other hand warned that examples like amelia taylor’s are extremely unusual and can lead to

Unrealistic expectations regarding survival rates according to studies barely one percent of kids born before the 23rd week survive and many of those who do suffer from severe problems what is the definition of premature birth in medical terms a preterm birth is defined as a birth that occurs more than three weeks before the baby’s projected due date

Premature birth in other words is defined as a birth that happens prior to the beginning of the 37th week of pregnancy premature newborns particularly those born very early sometimes have medical problems that are difficult to manage prematurity is associated with a variety of problems however the earlier your baby’s born the greater the chance that he or she will have difficulties if a baby is born too soon he or she may

Be one of the following born between 34 and 36 weeks of pregnancy a late pre-term baby is one who’s born between 34 and 36 weeks of pregnancy moderately preterm babies are those who are born between 32 and 34 weeks of gestation premature birth occurs when the baby is born before the mother has reached the age of 32 weeks a baby born at or before the 25th week

Of pregnancy is considered extremely preterm the majority of pre-term deliveries occur at the late pre-term period of pregnancy symptoms your kid may only show mild signs of premature delivery or he or she may develop more visible difficulties as a result of the premature birth a few examples of prematurity include the following behaviors and

Characteristics small in stature but with an excessively huge head because of a shortage of fat stores the features of a premature newborn are sharper and less rounded than the characteristics of a full term baby lenugo is a fine hair type that covers much of the body low body temperature particularly in the delivery room right after birth is caused by a shortage of fat reserves in

The body respiratory distress is characterized by labored breathing suction and swallowing reflexes are not functioning properly resulting in feeding difficulties take extra precautions it’s likely that if you have a pre-term baby your infant will require an extended period of hospitalization in a special nursery unit at the hospital it’s possible that your baby will be

Admitted to either an intermediate care nursery or a neonatal critical care unit depending on how much attention he or she requires and i see you doctors and a specialist team with extensive experience in the treatment of pre-term babies will be on hand to assist you in caring for your child please do not be afraid to ask questions it’s possible that your baby will require additional assistance feeding and adjusting right after birth your

Healthcare team can assist you in understanding what’s required and what the care plan for your child will be factors that increase risk premature birth is frequently accompanied by a lack of clarity regarding the particular cause premature delivery is associated with a number of known risks including the following having already given birth prematurely pregnancy with twins triplets or other

Multiples is a common occurrence a period of less than six months between pregnancy is considered short in vitro fertilization is a method of conceiving obstetric complications involve the uterus cervix or placenta cigarette smoking and illicit drug use are also prohibited some infections particularly those affecting the amniotic fluid and lower genital tract can be fatal in pregnancy

Some chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes require long-term treatment being underweight or overweight prior to conception is not recommended life experiences that are stressful such as the death of a loved one or domestic abuse are discussed miscarriages or abortions on more than one occasion injury or harm to the physical body premature birth occurs at a higher rate

In black women than in women of other races for reasons that are not fully understood premature birth on the other hand can happen to anyone in fact many women who give birth prematurely do not have any established risk factors for doing so complications the fact that a baby is born too soon can result in both short and long term health concerns even if not all preterm babies have complications

In general the sooner a baby is born the greater the likelihood that the newborn will experience problems in addition the weight of the baby at birth is significant some issues may be visible at birth while others may not manifest themselves until later in life thanks for reading.