Alejandro Sanz, a breakup and possible bankruptcy after his sincere confession

Alejandro Sanz, renowned singer and songwriter, has faced great challenges in recent years, including a painful breakup and a financial struggle that almost led him to bankruptcy.

However, through his perseverance and determination, Sanz has shown that despite “not being well” he can overcome adversity and find a rebirth both in his personal life and in his artistic career.

The relationship between Alejandro Sanz and Rachel Valdés has been a topic of constant interest since it became public at the beginning of 2020. The love story between the two aroused the curiosity of the media and fans, as they saw themselves as a couple full of love and with a bright future. However, despite expectations, it seems that things did not work out as expected and they have made the decision to follow different paths.

This news has left many surprised and has generated speculation about the reasons behind this breakup. According to close sources, they said that two weeks ago the couple went through a serious crisis that would result in the young woman leaving the house they shared, taking all of her belongings. Apparently, the final decision would be made by him.

Although neither of them has commented on the matter, a few days ago Sanz shared a very sincere tweet for his fans:

“I’m not well. I don’t know if this helps, but I want to say it. I’m sad and tired… I’m working to make it go away… But sometimes I don’t even want to be there. Literally. Just to be honest. To avoid entering into the useless noise. I know some people feel that way. If it helps, I feel the same way.” The singer wrote, could it be related to the end of their relationship?

A few days ago an alleged million-dollar scam came to light of which he would be a victim, since one of his friends would betray him, leaving him a debtor of 7.3 million dollars along with another company whose name is unknown. As a result, he had to sell his mansion in Miami and the estate in Madrid to pay off the debts, leaving him on the verge of bankruptcy.

“He gave himself as collateral to be able to return this money to a company in Florida. To do this he had to sell this property because Alejandro declared bankruptcy. He sold this property for 10 million dollars,” said a journalist.

Despite all this, the artist has kept his spirits up and continues his tour, being an example of how to survive adversity. Through his Twitter, he thanked all the love and support that his fans have given him and that a light has been born in his chest thanks to them.