Amanda McCants’ Teal Dress Shocks Meghan Markle as Duchess Breaks Design Protocol for Veterans

Amanda McCants certainly made a bold fashion statement with her teal dress, leaving Meghan Markle taken aback as the Duchess defied conventional design choices, particularly when paying tribute to veterans.
Meghan Markle, known for her preference for beige and monochrome ensembles, surprised everyone with her green dress at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf. This time, she donned an £830 gown from Colt Gaya, elevating her look with a pair of Aquazora beige leather pumps, priced at £525, a choice she had been favoring lately.

The elegant dress featured intricate lace detailing with captivating floral patterns, boasting a seamless blend of colors and a flattering silhouette. However, it appears that this dress was somewhat out of character for Meghan.

During the same week at the Invictus Games closing ceremony, Amanda McCants, an ambassador for several brands, shared a photo on her Instagram in a dress similar to Meghan’s, but with a strapless design and a shorter hemline.

The shorter dress exuded a sense of chic and sophistication, primarily because most of the intricate lacework was concentrated on the longer skirt. Moreover, the shorter dress had straps, and Amanda carried it off effortlessly, appearing relaxed and confident, unlike a draped cloth.

Comparatively, Meghan’s dress choice raised questions. The strapless version may have benefitted from spaghetti straps, providing support for the bodice and creating an illusion of an elongated waist. Meghan has a tendency to choose dresses with straps and then remove them, leading to moments where it seems like her outfit is about to slip or reveal more than intended.

Furthermore, Meghan’s choice of attire for a sporting event dedicated to veterans left many scratching their heads. While a singer, star, or event host might pull off such a dress, Meghan was a plus-one to Prince Harry, and everyone else was attired in suits or smart blouses.

There is even a viral video showing Meghan wearing a white strapless bra, hugging a man in a wheelchair, with Harry’s fingers appearing to adjust the dress around her waist. This gave the impression that her attire was unprofessional and attention-seeking, diverting the focus from the veterans.

According to a Hollywood stylist, Meghan should consider selecting clothing that fits her waist and then have the bust and hips tailored accordingly. In the case of this dress, additional fabric on the chest and shoulder area could have been beneficial. Public figures like Meghan need to ensure that their attire stays in place, especially during movements such as sitting down or bending over. The use of garment tape can be invaluable in preventing any wardrobe mishaps.

Had Meghan chosen to wear more conservative attire, with covered arms and legs throughout most of the event, the blue strapless dress might have had a more significant impact. As it stands, Meghan’s fashion choices at the Invictus Games appeared to overshadow the event itself, prompting some to question whether her outfits were the most suitable for the occasion.