Ana de Armas confesses what she would have told herself 15 years ago

Dreams come true. Ana de Armas knows this because, after triumphing in Spain in a series as legendary as ‘The Internship’, she tried her luck by making the leap abroad in 2015, proving that she was here to stay. Since then she has worked with acclaimed performers such as Keanu Reeves, Robert De Niro, and Harrison Ford. She is one of the most successful Latin faces in Hollywood, even earning a Golden Globe nomination for her role in ‘Daggers in the Back’.

In a recent interview for PEOPLE, while promoting ‘Blonde’, a film in which she plays Marilyn Monroe, she was asked about the possibility of giving herself advice if she could go back 15 years in time, before reaching the age of 15. international fame.

“Be critical of yourself. Give yourself a little pat on the shoulder, because you’re going to get there, it’s okay, everything is fine,” commented the interpreter who has always shown herself to be modest despite surrounding herself with big stars.

The recipe for success is consistency. “I am very self-critical and I push myself very hard to do things,” she admitted. Although she believes that it would have been useless to try to give herself helpful advice: “I wouldn’t have listened to my own advice either,” she said.

On the occasion of the premiere of the film, Netflix has shown a scene from the film on its social networks. Specifically, the moment refers to a recreation of the film ‘Con skirts y a lo loco’, where Ana de Armas emulates the iconic moment where blonde ambition stars in a musical scene. However, this scene in the new film shows Monroe’s emotions on the set, with a sequence where the star suffers a nervous breakdown.

The Spanish-Cuban actress did not hesitate to share this moment on her Instagram account with the following text:

“‘Blonde’ premieres on Netflix tomorrow, September 28. My heart is filled with excitement that the world will finally be able to see this beautiful film. I want to thank our incredibly talented cast and crew for being so incredible and putting so much work and love into this film. And a special thanks to Andrew Dominik, Joyce Carol Oates, and our producers at Plan B and Netflix for bringing this story to life.”

The scene has become a trend on social networks, exciting the public who were eagerly waiting to see more of Armas’ work in the film. Despite the controversy that the film is generating, her work has brought everyone into agreement and was applauded at the last Venice Film Festival for 14 minutes.