Angela Kelly Furious as Meghan Markle Allegedly Pinches Charlotte with Both Hands: Disturbing Incident Unveiled

The past year has been a tumultuous journey for Meghan Markle, marked by a series of ups and downs in her public image. Meghan found herself navigating a roller coaster of public relations challenges, particularly following the release of Prince Harry’s controversial memoir in January.

At one point, surveys indicated a significant dip in Meghan’s popularity, especially among younger demographics on both sides of the Atlantic. Many began to question the authenticity of her public persona when compared to the beloved late Princess Diana.

However, last week, Meghan and Harry made a joint appearance at the Invictus Games, offering a glimmer of hope. Meghan delivered a heartfelt speech to the athletes, and the couple seemed to radiate positivity as they attended various events, including medal ceremonies and celebratory dinners.

But this newfound positivity might be short-lived, as early reports suggest the possibility of another memoir that could shed new light on Meghan’s past. It’s worth noting that Meghan was once close friends with Jessica Mulroney, a Toronto-based stylist. However, Meghan distanced herself from Jessica, seemingly severing their connection. Recent reports have surfaced, hinting that Jessica Mulroney is contemplating writing her memoir.

What adds intrigue to the situation is the involvement of Angela Kelly, the former dresser for the Queen, who seems to possess insider knowledge about both Meghan and Jessica’s treatment of Charlotte. There is a tale surrounding Jessica’s aspirations for a “Pippa moment” at an event, which unexpectedly turned into a Charlotte-centered affair. Furthermore, Meghan’s alleged rude behavior towards Charlotte reportedly occurred while Kate was still pregnant with Prince Louis. Meghan’s impoliteness extended not only to Nanny Maria and Charlotte but also to Kate herself, making her actions a point of concern.

Mulroney, who witnessed Meghan’s discourteous conduct during their time in Australia, cannot deny Meghan’s previous moments of instability. Notably, Meghan displayed rudeness not just in London but also in front of the Queen, where she was allegedly discourteous to both the chef and Angela Kelly.

In a separate incident earlier in September, Angela Kelly voiced concerns about being bullied, with allegations suggesting she initiated a campaign against Meghan within the Royal Family. Mrs. Kelly, who received a new home from the late Queen after over 25 years of service, had been promised a different accommodation but was later asked to vacate a cottage on the Windsor estate. She relocated to the Peak District near Sheffield, only to become the target of online trolls accusing her of fostering resentment against Meghan.

These ongoing developments once again shine a spotlight on Meghan’s relationships and behavior, casting a shadow over her recent public appearances and raising questions about the dynamics within the Royal Family.