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“Animal Complaint” Leads Cops To Uncover Couple’s Criminal Activity

Police were called to a Georgia couple’s home after an animal control officer responded to an “animal complaint.” But, they couldn’t have possibly been prepared for what they found. To their horror, the couple’s kinky sexcapades led to authorities uncovering a nightmare unfolding in the home.

Louis Thomas Cope and Katrina Marie Norman had more than just their kinky sex life exposed when the Gwinnett County Police were called to their home. It all began after a neighbor lodged an “animal complaint” and an animal control officer arrived, only to make a disturbing discovery in the Snellville couple’s minivan, according to New York Daily News.

It was only 32 degrees outside on the day the animal control officer stumbled on the couple’s minivan, parked outside their house “with an infant inside and the driver’s side and passenger door completely open.” Why would a baby be outside in the freezing cold, alone? Sadly, authorities were about to find out, and it would be one of many troubling discoveries they would make at the residence.

Concerned about the crying baby’s safety, the animal control officer called the police, and a cop quickly arrived at the home before eventually calling for backup. What they would find inside made what the animal control officer found outside seem quite mild. In fact, the bizarre and disgusting discovery to follow led to Louis Cope and Katrina Norman’s arrest as it became evident the depraved couple deprived their children, putting their own sick pleasure before the well-being of their innocent kids.

It might have been cold outside, but this couple was one hot mess. Initially, officers didn’t receive an answer at the home when they knocked on the door, Gwinnett Daily Post reported. But, 32-year-old Katrina Norman eventually came outside after several minutes, wearing a “pink one-piece lace suit and a blanket.” Louis Cope, 23, later followed. And, “based on their appearance, it appeared they had left the child in the vehicle while having intercourse,” the police report revealed. But, it gets worse.

Although Louis Cope and Katrina Norman both tried to tell the officers that the child, who was less than a year old, hadn’t been unsupervised for very long, that simply wasn’t the case. Claiming they were just unloading groceries after Norman returned from the store, Cope admitted to officers that Norman did “surprised him with pink lingerie,” but he claimed they didn’t engage in intercourse at that point.

The reason? Cope said he put a dog collar on Norman and told her to “stay” while he supposedly went back out to the car. However, the officer noted that the front door was locked and authorities were on the scene for at least 15 minutes before anyone came to the door, casting serious doubts on the couple’s story. It only got worse when police entered the home and made yet another disgusting discovery about the depraved duo.

Upon walking inside, officers immediately saw trash strewn about the floor and “immediately smelled a strong odor of urine and feces.” There was also “a folded dirty mattress partially obstructing the door.” Their report also stated that the kitchen “was very dirty and unsanitary” and the children’s bedrooms were littered with animal feces. There was “so much trash on the ground,” the responding officer “could not walk without watching where I was stepping,” he wrote.

“I saw a knife lying on the ground within reach for a child to grab and hurt themselves,” the officer’s report added, according to Daily Mail. The officer said the three children living in the home, which included the infant and his two siblings, were deprived. As a result, the couple was arrested and charged with second-degree cruelty to children and maintaining a disorderly house. The two older children, who were at school at the time of the incident, were taken into state custody along with the baby.

In an unusual twist, Louis Cope and Katrina Norman’s online booking sheets revealed that the couple each had interesting tattoos adorning their bodies. Although Norman’s was quite accurate, reading, “Partners in crime,” the one found on Cope’s arm further proves the 23-year-old doesn’t have a clue when it comes to parenting. “Family forever,” it reads. Perhaps someone should clue him in and let him know that “family” involves more than just breeding with your “baby mama” — it requires actually taking care of the children, too.

This Georgia couple abandoned an infant outside in near-freezing temperatures so they could have kinky sex inside their trash and feces-filled home. So, it’s quite obvious that these two are incapable of properly caring for their children, which is a shame for the kids since they have no choice in the matter. Such irresponsibility seems to be prevalent among far too many, and sadly, it’s always children who have to suffer as a result. Hopefully, the couple either learns a lesson and straightens up or the children are permanently put in the custody of someone who can better care for them before they pay the ultimate price for their parents’ irresponsibility and neglect.