Anne Hathaway and Emma Stone hate their stage names

Regardless of their reasons, actresses Anne Hathaway and Emma Stone have something in common: they hate their stage names.

There are artists who, when starting an artistic career, choose to choose a new name, almost as if to separate the private from the scenic. But it can also happen that, over time, they deny those stage names and end up hating them, as happened to Anne Hathaway and Emma Stone.

Since A Princess Diaries, Hathaway has stood out as a very talented performer, just as she also served as a very charismatic celebrity. Today, at 40 years old, she is already a living Hollywood legend with great versatility and, furthermore, a fashion icon.

For her part, Stone made her acting career when she was little, starring in plays, and she moved on to the small screen in her teens, but she gained worldwide fame by playing Gwen Stacy in both installments of The Amazing Spider-Man.

“When I was 14 I did a commercial and they gave me my Screen Actors Guild (SAG) card. In that situation, they asked me to choose my professional name and, without thinking too much, I responded: ‘Well, it should be my name, my name is Anne Hathaway.’ It seemed to me that I had made the right decision, but I never thought that throughout my life people would call me Anne on sets,” she told Jimmy Fallon in an interview.

“No one calls me Anne in my daily life, everyone knows me as Annie, so I regret that it didn’t occur to me to say it when I started working,” added the actress who, on another occasion, acknowledged that her first name, Anne Jacqueline dislikes him, even hates him, and has considered changing it, but also thinks it is too late to do so.

Emma Stone’s situation is different, but they have something in common: youth’s unconsciousness. “I was 16 years old, so I was excited about the idea of inventing a name and the first one I chose was Riley, but I only kept it for six months,” he said, adding: “They told me: ‘Riley, we need you on the set,’ and I didn’t take it for granted, so I changed my name again and chose Emma.”

Why did she choose that name that distinguishes her to this day? To start, her real name is Emily Jean Stone, and to find one that is easy for her to associate with, she opted for the name of one of the Spice Girls, Emma Lee Bunton, Baby Spice, as she also told Jimmy. Fallon.

However, she regretted it again shortly after. “I think I should have always been called Riley, I miss my legal name sometimes,” she confessed to a magazine. That is why, although she may not seem like it, celebrities should think carefully about her stage names, as they will haunt them throughout her career.