Anthony Hopkins’s daughter, who blames him for her suicide attempt and addictions

Abigail Hopkins, the actor’s only daughter, is 54 years old and she acknowledges being estranged from her father because he rejected her after the divorce from her mother.

Petronella Baker with brutal honesty, the Oscar winner admitted not wanting to get involved with her and that her situation does not concern him.

There are few situations in which Anthony Hopkins is sought by the press to provide statements alluding to his life outside of his great career.

The one that began in the world of cinema with the short film The White Bus in 1967, the prelude to a series of memorable works crowned with two Oscar awards: for The Silence of the Lambs and The Father. His second golden statuette, won by the feature film by Frenchman Florian Zeller -who directed the transposition of his play, co-adapted by the filmmaker with Christopher Hampton-, not only propelled a torrent of praise for a vivid, immersive performance but also articles linked to his own life as a father, about which he has been consulted.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” he declared on one occasion, when asked about his only daughter, Abigail, the result of his first marriage to actress Petronella Baker, whom he married in 1966 and divorced in 1972, the same year. in which he met Jennifer Lynton, his second wife, from whom he separated in 2002. As if it were a pattern, twelve months after that break, he met his third partner, Stella Arroyave, and married in 2003. Currently, they live a very quiet life in Malibu, California, away from the media and with the actor carefully choosing his projects.

In any case, the enigma about his relationship with his daughter seems destined to persist. In an industry in which information abounds about the personal lives of stars, the 85-year-old British performer is a rare bird when expressing himself about his bond with Abigail, who followed in her parent’s footsteps into the artistic world and turned to sing. and to the composition, and who has provided more details about the distance from her father that has been going on for more than two decades and whose reasons were traumatic for her.

According to the woman’s testimony, when Hopkins became a renowned artist (in the theater world he also began to shine in the 60s with a production of Julius Caesar), he did not know how to amalgamate his family life with that destined career. to a bright future. “He began to be absent from the house when I was a child and in my adolescence, he didn’t appear much either,” recalled Abigail, who also did not decide to protect the main reason why she argued fervently with him. “There were very strong fights that I will not forget,” she added.

“When I was at home, I didn’t like how he treated mom, that’s something I’ll never forgive her,” said the actor’s daughter, although without wanting to elaborate on what was happening in the London house that the actor left for Quickly start a new life with Jennifer Lynton. The abandonment suffered by Abigail, and the inability to fully understand why her father was not affectionate towards her, unfortunately, contributed to charting a dark path that Hopkins ignored from the moment he moved in with his second wife and left behind a daughter who demanded affection.

On the contrary, that episode triggered the absolute breakdown of the bond, even though Abigail tried to contact him to improve that relationship, which she already resented due to the lack of dialogue and demonstrations of love. In fact, she was seen together at an event to which Hopkins was invited, one of the few photos in which they both posed together for the flashes. Abigail then went into seclusion and broke her silence years later about what she considered negligent acts on the part of her father.