Boris Becker Accuses Misan of Pimping Meghan Markle Before Her Marriage to Prince Harry

When delving into online searches, one would quickly notice that most results revolve around photographer Harman’s well-known association with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. However, what the internet tends to overlook is the more intriguing backstory of Harman’s life before his royal-related reinvention.

Before his newfound royal connections, Harman was primarily known as a business partner of Boris Becker, a significant presence in Becker’s life to the extent that Becker once humorously remarked, “I’m like the other woman in his marriage.”

Boris Becker, as many are aware, had faced substantial financial troubles over the past decade, including bankruptcy and the loss of a substantial portion of his fortune, which eventually led to prison time. It’s been widely reported that Becker lost a staggering £178 million fortune through investments in Nigerian oil firms, as reported by NZ Herald.

According to Desh Beagle, a Nigerian employee of Becker played a role in devising a deal involving a minimum of $10 million to be invested in Nigerian oil, as stated by WS The Source. It appears that Harman had a role in helping Becker mend his financial matters by introducing him to influential and attractive individuals, including Meghan Markle.

This arrangement seemed mutually beneficial, as Meghan herself sought support on her career path. In 2014, Meghan reached out to her friend Misan, an Anglo-Nigerian photographer, regarding the One Young World Conference. Meghan had been actively working to secure an invitation to the conference in Dublin, recognizing the significance of celebrities in Hollywood engaging in philanthropy and activism to gain a prominent platform. She requested a favor from Misan Harman, who, notably, was a close friend of the tennis champion Boris Becker.

Becker was scheduled to address over a thousand young people at the One Young World Conference in Dublin. He turned to Harman for assistance in securing a slot for Meghan as a speaker. Harman’s introduction proved instrumental in bringing Meghan into the conference fold. To facilitate this, Boris Becker engaged the services of his agent, Gina N. Thorp, a prominent figure known for her expertise in arranging appearances by celebrities in conferences, advertisements, and campaigns.

Having previously booked another client, Bob Geldof, to speak at the Dublin event, Thorp was well-positioned to negotiate with conference organizer Kate Robertson to secure a speaking slot for Meghan. Meghan’s intended topic centered on gender equality and driving positive change, a cause she had been passionate about for years.

It’s worth noting that Meghan and Boris Becker shared a close connection for some time, with Meghan often seen in his company and described as both a friend and a business advisor until around 2021. Misan Harman, known for his illustrious family background—his father, Chief Hope Harman, being one of Nigeria’s founding fathers—seemed to have been closely intertwined with Meghan’s social circle. He was frequently spotted on Mount Street, dining in Scotts, and visiting George all while making his way down to 5 Harford Street, the very address where Misan spent time with Meghan shortly before her first date with Prince Harry.

Intriguingly, Boris Becker had some noteworthy advice for Prince Harry, cautioning him not to forget his roots because he might need to return to them, reminding him that marriages don’t always last forever. This counsel was offered after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage in 2018 and their subsequent decision to step down as senior members of the British royal family.