Story Time

Boy Is Fired For Helping Disabled Man, Next Day He gets News That Changed His Life

A kindly store clerk helps a disabled customer with his groceries and gets fired the next day. He gets news that changed his life Johnny loved his job. He worked at the grocery store and he enjoyed working with people. He already knew most of the customers by name and they all loved him for his helpful friendly attitude. Unfortunately, his boss, Mr Terrell, was less impressed.

He was a sour harsh man and for him, only one thing counted money. One day Johnny’s kindness set him off and Mr Tyrrell reacted. It all started on a Wednesday afternoon when a new customer walked in the man was hobbling on crutches and his pinned a pants leg revealed he’d lost. A limp Johnny saw that the man was struggling with his crutches the shopping, cart and getting what he wanted off the shelves. He rang up the other customers groceries and kept an eye on the disabled man.

20 minutes later, the man was in line in front of Johnny’s Town hi Johnny said to the man with a smile. How you doing I’m all right, the man said: Johnny nodded the man’s crutches and asked. Are you a veteran? Yes, the man said Middle East. I have a prosthetic, but my stumps ulcerated, so I need to use these crutches for a couple months.

Man, Johnny wins, that’s tough, listen, I’m better off than a lot of the other guys I served with I’m not complaining, Johnny packed the man’s groceries into two bags and watched as he struggled to get a grip on the two bags in the crutches hold on Johnny Turned to the other customers. Would you wait a few minutes? Please Johnny grabbed the man’s shopping bags and followed him into the parking lot there Johnny Place demand shopping in his trunk and said his goodbyes when he walked back into the store. He saw Mr Tyrell standing by Johnny’s till his arms crossed and looking very angry. Where were you, he asked angrily, the customers are waiting.

Sorry, Mr Terrell jonik said there was this gentleman with only one leg and he couldn’t carry his groceries. One of the customers in line broke in before Mr Terrell could respond. This young man was very kind. He said I didn’t mind waiting the other customers agreed in Mr Terrell’s smile, but his eyes rise comb at closing time. He called Johnny into his office and held out a pink slip in a check.

I don’t care what those other fools say. You’Re here to work not to charity, he said every moment. You’Re away from your work cost me money. Making money is what life’s all about. Do you understand I’ve had enough of your rubbish.

You’Re fired Johnny, looked at Mr Terrell’s angry face and knew. There was no point in arguing, he took his check and he walked down. He had to start looking for a job straight away. His mom depended on him. The next morning, at 7am, Johnny was at the bus, stop waiting to go into town to look for work.

A car pulled up in a friendly voice, greeted him hey there. Do you need a ride to the store. It was the man from the day before hi Johnny San I’m not going to the store. I don’t work there anymore. The man looked surprised.

Why not? He asked Johnny blushed and explained Mr Terrell said I was away from the Tilt for too long. He fired me. The man looked upset. That was because of me.

He cried get in the car I’ll. Take you wherever you want to go, I’m going downtown to look for work. Johnny said: are you the man’s den? So apart from working in a grocery store? What else can you do?

Johnny looked embarrassed? My mom says about. The only thing I do well is play video games. He confessed really. The man said he looked interested.

What do you play and what are your scores to Johnny’s surprise? The man knew a lot about video games and seemed pretty impressed by Johnny’s opinion and ideas about gaming. Would you like to work for me? The man asked for you asked Johnny doing what I want you to tell my games developer. Some of those ideas you shared with me, the man said I own a company that creates games.

I think he’ll fit right. In a week later, Johnny started work at the men’s company and he loved it. His boss insisted he returned to school and take night courses at the local college, but Johnny didn’t mind his friend with a one leg wasn’t just a great boss. He was a mentor, even though I was tough at first little by little. With his help, Johnny became the best developer in the company.

He was earning five times what he’d earned at the grocery store and doing something he loved building a future, and it had all started with a kind gesture.