Story Time

Brain Dead Woman Delivers a Baby when Dad saw him he Instantly took Action

A few months before one pregnant woman’s due date, she was tragically declared brain dead. Everyone feared for the baby in the room, but when the doctors inspected, they saw this. Immediately after the father heard what had transpired, he took action. There is something rare about a mother’s love for her child. It’s fearless, fierce, and boundless.

A mother is ready to go to links just to ensure the safety of her child. And for one mum, Sandra, she was ready to sacrifice it all. But she never suspected her decision would only tear her family apart. Sandra lived a beautiful and simple life for her husband, Miguel. The two had a child together and raised them.

In a way, they both seemed right. Theirs was a happy marriage as they respected and tolerated each other’s excesses. But while Miguel could have sworn he knew his wife like the back of his palms, she was hiding a deep secret from him. You see, Sandra had a little scar on her belly. However, Miguel thought it was due to minor kidney problems she had in the past.

But it was much more than that. Unfortunately, this man only got to know the bitter truth when it was already too late. When their son turned eight, Sander fell pregnant the second time. As expected, the family was overjoyed. But sadly, this happiness wouldn’t last long.

A few weeks into the pregnancy, Sandra fell ill. So she visited the hospital to undergo some checkups. It was right there that her life and that of every other person she held dear began to crumble to pieces. This woman’s health history was sadly a poor one. She had battled pneumonia, heart disease and worse off kidney cancer.

After she told the doctor all this and even described her current symptoms, he recommended some tests. When the results were out, Sandra, who was now white from terror, couldn’t believe they were hers. Her greatest fear was sitting right in the papers in front of her. The test showed her kidney cancer had returned and she was in a critical state. Out of fear, Sandra became breathless.

Her mind was all over the place. Just then, she heard the doctor advising her to terminate the pregnancy because it was for her good. She didn’t have the right words for him. And even when she tried to say something, her lips trembled. So she left without saying a word.

Different thoughts occupied her mind. Would she survive this? What would become of her unborn baby? Despite her fears, she looked down at her belly and right there she found a reason to go on. She made up her mind to sacrifice at all for the baby.

But that day, she also made a huge mistake. As the pregnancy progressed, Sandra hid her fears from everyone, including her husband. She did it to the best of her ability until one tragic morning when the truth forcefully came out. A night before that tragic morning, Sandra and Miguel invited their friends over for dinner. It was a date night, and everyone looked their best.

Besides, that night also reminded them of the first time they ever went on a date, so it was a special moment for each one of them. After dining, they sat around the table having beautiful conversations and playing cards. It was a moment to be grateful for the simple things that life had given them. But as dawn approached, all that soon changed. At around 05:00, a.m.

Sandra excused herself from the group, saying she needed to sleep. Miguel kissed her chin and watched her walk into the room. If only he knew that was the last peaceful moment he would share with her. A few moments after Sandra left, Miguel suddenly heard a strange noise coming from the bathroom. Startled, he rushed there and was met with a sight that broke his heart in a way words can’t explain.

Lying right on the bathroom floor was Sandra, drenched in her tears and sweat. But what made Miguel panic so badly was the grave look he saw in her eyes. She looked so pale she had no strength and kept holding her head, writhing in pain. I’m going to die. My head feels like it’s going to explode, Sandra cried.

But all the while her only concern was the baby in her belly, holding her in his arms. Miguel put a wet towel around her head and called an ambulance. While waiting for the paramedics to arrive, he didn’t take his eyes off his wife for a second. He kept talking to her. Even though he got in a response, she just kept rolling her eyes.

She was in a lot of pain and it was intolerable. When the paramedics arrived, Sandra was almost unconscious. They rushed her to the hospital immediately, and she was admitted. After carrying out a series of tests, the doctors discovered the worst had happened. She was already brain dead.

After learning about his wife’s misfortune, Miguel’s world came to an abrupt end. Nothing the doctors or family said comforted him. He thought he had lost it all his wife and the unborn baby inside her. A few hours after Sander was declared brain dead, the family started making funeral arrangements. The doctors also planned to take her off the vent later the next day.

They had all given up on the child. Sandra was carried. They all assumed he was dead, too. However, something the doctors did the next morning changed the course of the story. That day, they ran some tests on the unborn child, and when the result came out, the doctors couldn’t stop screaming.

The tests showed a heartbeat. The boy was still alive. Never in my life have I had a dead person with a live baby inside of her, one doctor said when the doctors informed Miguel he was dumbfounded. I was dealing with the sadness of her death. And then there is this joy inside, he said.

But as much as he was happy. He was also very scared. The unborn child is only 17 weeks old and still had about four months left before his birth. It was indeed a long shot till then, and Miguel didn’t know if the boy would make it this far. Even the doctors weren’t sure.

They could only do their best. So each day they sang soothing songs to the baby through his mother’s belly. They even cuddled him. This waiting period was one of the toughest moments of Miguel’s life. Sometimes he even put his phone off because he didn’t want to receive any calls from the hospital.

Every day I feared the phone call saying he hadn’t made it, Miguel recounted. But this little boy hung in there fighting so his mother’s sacrifice wouldn’t go to waste. Luckily, he defied the odds and came out victorious. In the 37th week, the doctor decided it was time to deliver the boy. Outside the operating room, Miguel waited anxiously for news of the delivery.

Soon he would find out he didn’t even need to be scared. When the surgery is over, the surgeon came out and told escaped Miguel that he was now a father. Describing how he felt, Miguel said, I couldn’t talk. I was really white and I was shaking. Later, the doctor said he could meet the boy named Lorenzo.

When Miguel saw him, tears streamed down his eyes. He loved the boy so much that it even hurt. He wished his mother could see the lovely child they had. When I saw him, I couldn’t stop smiling. He was a handful with black hair.

He was lying on the side, looking really relaxed, Miguel said. For the next few weeks, Miguel wasn’t allowed to touch the boy because he was still in an incubator. Unfortunately, a few days after Lorenzo’s birth, a family war Miguel didn’t see coming arose. His wife’s parents wanted full custody of the boy. They claimed Miguel couldn’t look over him, but this man couldn’t watch anyone take away his parental rights.

So he took action. Even though he wasn’t sure he could have all the time in the world to look after the boy. He was ready to do all in his power to make it work. Fortunately, during this period, Miguel was given paternity and maternity leave so he had enough time to look after his newly born child. Also, rather than entertaining disagreements, Miguel resorted to making peace with Sandra’s family.

He believed all of them could love little Lorenzo without fighting. We all need to stop this fighting as Lorenzo needs love and be cherished by all the family, he said. The good thing is, his plan worked. They all agreed the boy’s grandparents could look after him while Miguel was at work, and that’s for Miguel. He didn’t find it hard combining mother and father duties.

He even put on the little boy’s diapers perfectly, all thanks to Google. Later on, Miguel got to know his wife had kidney cancer. At the time, she was pregnant. Although he was shocked since he didn’t know about it. He also respected her decision.

Presently, Lorenzo is receiving excess love and care from his dad, aunts and grandparents. Everyone wants a piece of the sweet child. He’s so beautiful. He’s our pride and joy. Miguel said.

I am sure whenever Miguel looks into his boy’s eyes, he would remember Sandra’s boundless love and sacrifice. What’s the greatest sacrifice you have ever made for a loved one.