Britney Spears had an affair with a prince as a teenager

Britney Spears had a completely different life when she was approached by a renowned royal.

In the 90s, the name Britney Spears graced all the portals and newspapers in the world. The princess of pop was in her prime and she was the most popular artist indisputably.

Back then, all kinds of celebrities, businessmen, and powerful men tried to get close to the young singer who dominated the music scene and made everyone fall in love with her voice and her dances, although most of her will remain anonymous.

However, one that did come to light was that of Prince William, who would have had conversations with Britney Spears and had even agreed to meet on a date.

As revealed by the artist herself, something happened at the last moment and the meeting never came to fruition. “We exchanged emails for a while and he was supposed to come see me somewhere, but it didn’t work out,” she explained in a 2002 interview with host Frank Skinner.

The date in question would have been scheduled to meet and go out to dinner in London when Spears was on tour in the United Kingdom, but Prince William never arrived.

When asked if the heir to the throne had stood her up, the interpreter of Baby One More Time, she did not hesitate to answer yes and that she never knew why Prince William changed his mind at the last minute.

After this story, the British site The Sun assured that the future king had decided not to attend the meeting to go hunting, although others speculate that he was prohibited from attending the meeting so that the prince would not be related to the singer.

Back then, rumors of a romance between Prince William and Britney Spears took such a stir that even the royal family had to come out to deny it.

Another who referred to the subject was the royal biographer Christopher Andersen, who assured in his book Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan, that the young people had tried to be together when they were children, but that Beyond a few phone calls, nothing happened.