Bruce Willis’ wife made a shocking revelation about the actor’s health

The actress and model expressed concern about the advanced stage of the Hollywood star’s dementia.

When Emma Heming married Bruce Willis in 2010 and began to build a family with him, she had no idea that a few years later her world would crumble a little, as would her husband’s head.

A few months have passed since the film actor was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, a brain disease that is caused when, due to a series of disorders, the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain are damaged. This condition progressively increases and causes various symptoms.

Among the complications that Bruce Willis may have experienced since he began to suffer from frontotemporal dementia are unusual behaviors, difficulty communicating, emotional problems, inability to work and even, in some cases, to walk. For this reason, this condition not only affects the patient but also everyone around him who experiences it.

Emma Heming recently spoke about this in a conversation with the Today program, where she assured that she does not know if the Die Hard actor is aware of what is happening to him because patients in an advanced stage lose the notion that they are sick.

The actress and model commented, “I’m discovering that dementia is a challenging condition, and it’s tough not only for the person who’s been diagnosed but also for the family. When they say it’s a family illness, they’re absolutely right.”

Bruce Willis’ wife also said that the two daughters they have in common, ages 11 and 9, are aware of everything their father is going through and that they give everything to take care of him: “When you know what the disease is from one point Medically, it all makes sense, so we needed to let them know what it is because, you know, I don’t want there to be any stigma or shame attached to their father’s diagnosis or any form of dementia.”

She concluded by saying, “I believe it’s both a blessing and a curse… My husband’s diagnosis is imparting valuable lessons to them about care and love, and amidst the sorrow, there is something beautiful to be found.”