Can an actress have a sad life in the end?

Following Sofia Vergara’s separation from her husband, Joe Manganiello, last month, there are reports that Tom Cruise is contemplating reigniting his romance with the actress.

According to a source close to Cruise, the actor believes that he and Sofia can become Hollywood’s newest power couple, despite their previous brief relationship.

In 2005, Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergara dated for a few months. However, their romance ended when Tom chose to pursue a relationship with Katie Holmes, whom he married in 2006 (and subsequently divorced in 2012).

The source revealed that it has always bothered Cruise that he chose Holmes over Vergara, and their history has stayed with him over the years.

Recalling their past relationship, the source mentioned that they had a memorable time together, enjoying parties in the Hollywood hills and having a great time. The relationship ended amicably, and they remained friends.

The source also pointed out that Tom Cruise sees Sofia as someone who checks almost every box for him, making her an appealing prospect for a potential romance.

However, the insider shared that Sofia isn’t currently interested in pursuing a romantic relationship. She plans to take some time for herself, enjoy life, and eventually start dating again once her divorce is finalized.

Despite this, the source noted that Tom Cruise might face competition from other potential suitors, as Sofia’s phone is already receiving messages from eligible men, which she finds flattering, even though she isn’t taking them too seriously at the moment.