CEO Exposes Meghan Markle’s $140K Range Rover Rental, Sparks Controversy Over License Plate

It’s not her car; Her CEO Exposes Meghan Renting a $140,000 Black Range Rover, Demanding Plate Removal. The Sussexes on the Verge of Bankruptcy?
Meghan Markle made headlines recently when her CEO revealed shocking details about her rental of a $140,000 Black Range Rover and the controversy surrounding its license plate. It all began when Meghan was spotted driving the luxury vehicle for the first time since January 2020, as she departed for California.

Meanwhile, her husband, Prince Harry, embarked on a solo trip to the UK, where he paid tribute to the queen on the anniversary of her passing.In an exclusive image shared with dailymail.com, the Duchess of Sussex was photographed behind the wheel of the pricey vehicle.

The car raised eyebrows because it conspicuously lacked a front license plate. According to a source, Meghan’s connection with Hertz car rental directors played a role in this unusual situation. It was revealed that the Black Range Rover, worth $140,000, was owned by the dealership, and they had complied with Meghan’s request to remove the license plate, so as not to label it as a rental car in California.

During this outing, there was no driver or bodyguard closely observing Meghan, who had her mother, Doria, by her side. The absence of security raised questions about the couple’s financial situation, leading to speculations about their rumored financial struggles. In an interview, Meghan mentioned that they were facing financial shocks and that their Oprah tour showed Harry driving due to these difficulties.

Now, it appears that Meghan and Harry may be on the brink of bankruptcy due to their significant debt. The lavish house they purchased, without thoroughly considering the costs, is a financial burden. The mortgage, maintenance, lawn care, and property taxes for a house of that size are substantial expenses. Moreover, they may not even be able to sell the property easily given its high maintenance needs.

Their financial woes extend beyond their home. With expenses like taxes, utilities, maintenance, and employees, they seem to be spending more than they can afford. Their multi-million-dollar deals with Spotify and Netflix may not be sufficient to cover their expenses, especially when they didn’t receive the full $20 million payout. They appear to be struggling to gather the $100 million reportedly needed for the Queen’s death anniversary.

Critics argue that The Daily Mail should not have accepted money from Meghan to publish an exclusive article on the first anniversary of the Queen’s death, considering Meghan’s history of publicly criticizing and disrespecting the Queen. Some see it as an attempt to gain attention and dazzle Prince William and Catherine. Meghan’s penchant for grabbing the spotlight, even on solemn occasions, remains a topic of discussion.

In the end, Meghan’s recent drive in the luxury car has brought her financial situation into the spotlight, leaving many wondering about the true state of her and Harry’s finances and the choices they’ve made regarding their lifestyle and public image.