Charlize Theron denounces the scene she suffered while filming

Charlize Theron has looked back on her career to remember how she has been s-xu@lized over 30 years.

For almost 30 years, Charlize Theron has progressively become a legend in today’s Hollywood, capable of successfully participating in productions as diverse as ‘Mad Max’, ‘Fast and Furious’ and the modern adaptation of the story ‘Snow White and the Legend of the Hunter’.

However, the great recognition of her by the public has also meant that on some occasions they have wanted to exploit her s- and her physical appearance as a claim to her, especially in those productions with which she began as a South African actress.

In a recent interview with Harpers Bazaar, he referred to the s- that he has suffered throughout his career, which he condensed into the bad experience he had with a director, whose name he did not mention: “In a specific film, “A director, a man, made me try on models and change my clothes all the time. It was very obvious to me that it was because of my s- and how f***ing they wanted me in the film.”

However, she does not limit the objectification to which she has been subjected to that one experience and says that having men behind her deciding what she wore and what she did not wear has happened to her on more than one occasion: “Not having any type of control over what I’m going to wear has bothered me a lot over the years.

“That a guy makes you try on clothes almost in front of him… things like that were degrading. They belittled me,” Theron acknowledged, especially mentioning the film ‘Monster’, in which she starred in 2003 alongside Christina Ricci. She says she and Ricci wanted to be faithful to the vision of Patty Jenkins, the director. And yet, the producers “wanted to turn it into a s- film.”

Through memories like this, Charlize Theron is clear about the things she would change in the industry, and what she can do today as a producer, a facet that she has also explored (recently in ‘The Old Guard’), and from which she would like to avoid situations like the ones she has experienced: “I have an internal conflict why I want to create the environments that I would have liked to see when I started, 30 years ago.”