Christian Nodal looks unrecognizable after removing the tattoos R M

The Mexican singer decided that it was time to make a radical change in his life, due to the arrival of his first child with the Argentine singer Cazzu.

One of the greatest peculiarities of urban music are tattoos and Christian Jesus Gonzalez Nodal, better known as Christian Nodal, is no exception.

The Mexican artist has several on his face and now he has decided to remove them little by little due to the arrival of his first child with the Argentine trapper Cazzu.

Christian Nodal is currently in the process of erasing these tattoos and, although it is a slow process, the singer is showing photos of him on social networks, where the first results can already be seen.

The Mexican has gone through the living room of the Venezuelan program presented by Leo Rojas, Chris Andrade, and Nacho Redondo, Escuela de Nada, and has confessed that it is a rather difficult process: “It is a painful process. These tattoos were part of a stage in my life that has passed. I always do what comes from the heart”.

However, the Argentinean Cazzu’s partner clarified that the pain passes quickly and that, no later than 15 minutes, they are fully recovered from the process. In addition, she explained that they are not all removed at once, but some sessions depend, in many cases, on the size of the tattoo.

In the case of Christian Nodal, it is about six to nine sessions, to then take care of himself with creams and avoiding direct sunlight, for a period of one case, the artist has already warned that he will not remove all the tattoos: “At the moment I am removing the tattoos from my face, although I like tattoos, I would like my daughter to know my face,” explained the interpreter of success We are no longer nor will we be.

One of the tattoos that the singer will remove from his face is the one made by his former partner Belinda, which, after the breakup, made no sense to keep showing off his face.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu began their romance about a year ago, however together they have decided to bet everything on love and the result is their first child yet to come.