David Beckham explains why he kisses his daughter on the mouth

David Beckham continues to share photos of kissing their children on the lips. Although they receive criticism for this practice, many parents consider it a harmless way to express affection.

The former Manchester United player was criticized by some fans after sharing a photo of kissing his daughter on the lips. However, he firmly believes that this gesture is an innocent way to express love for a child.

“I am very affectionate with my children. “It’s how I and Victoria were raised, and it’s how we are with our children,” he said. “We want to show love to our children, and you know, we are very affectionate with them,” he added.

Beckham has frequently posted selfies on his Instagram account in which he shows affectionate kisses on the lips with his 11-year-old daughter Harper. He has commented that he performs this affectionate gesture with almost all of his children.

Critics took issue with my habit of kissing my daughter on the lips. I, however, share this affectionate gesture with all of my children. As for Brooklyn, well, she’s 18 now, and it’s understandable if she finds it a bit awkward,” he chuckled.

David Beckham embraced fatherhood at the youthful age of 23. Despite the demands of his successful career and his hectic schedule, he has consistently prioritized his family and ensured he dedicates time to them.

“I believe having children accelerates your maturity. Suddenly, your everyday worries take a backseat, and life centers around your kids. As a parent, you realize you become less important, and everything revolves around your children,” Beckham reflected.

None of my four children, Beckham revealed, harbor aspirations to follow in my footsteps as a footballer. I wholeheartedly support their decisions. “None of my kids aspire to be professional footballers, and that’s perfectly fine. You can’t force anyone into a particular path. What matters most is showering your children with love, offering unwavering support, and encouraging them. We’ve always stood behind our children in pursuing their passions,” he affirmed.