Story Time

Doctors Could not Believe what was Happening to this Baby’s Face Seconds after Birth

Kim loved kids and she had always wanted one of her own but had never found the time to settle down and have one so when she found out that she was pregnant, she was over the moon. The day of the birth came while it wasn’t the smoothest or the easiest of births. What happened to the babies faced seconds after it was born was as shocking as it was hilarious. Having been part of a large family kim a 25 year old florist from kansas, had always wanted several children of her own. She found the idea of having a lot of children comforting and was excited for the day when she would be able to welcome children into the world.

So it wasn’t long after she met 27 year old truck driver gary that things started hotting up and before long kim found out that she was pregnant. Going to the doctors to have the pregnancy confirmed. Medical professionals expressed a small concern. Kim was a small woman at only four feet: nine inches tall and with a slim and slender build there was a chance that the pregnancy would take a toll on her body. Her doctors gave her various exercises to prepare her body for what was to come, as well as recommending several books that would help guide her through the pregnancy process telling gary about the doctor’s concerns.

He was insistent that they do all. They could do to make sure that both him and the baby remained in the best condition possible. He was going to be a father, so he wanted to take the initiative and start to take charge of things. He read the books with kim. He encouraged her to do the exercises and he even joined in from time to time, if nothing else it made her laugh, he always loved her laugh kim, moved in with gary and started to prepare their new family home, while kim wanted to do her best to Make things perfect gary was insistent that she’d take things easy and look after herself.

He was there first thing in the morning bringing her a coffee, despite her grumpy morning face, and he was there in the evening when she was tired and ready to curl up with him and watch tv kim wasn’t used to this kind of dedication and love from Gary, but she certainly appreciated it. One day they were sat at the table. Looking at various pregnancy books taking great interest in the stages of development, it seemed like everything was going according to plan kim, had got quite the baby bump by that point, but everything felt perfect. She read aloud from one of her books. Despite what a lot of people think more often than not, pregnancies go smoothly, and the birding process is quick and simple.

The pair smiled at each other. Everything had gone amazingly well so far. What could go wrong at this point with only two months left until the due date kim was finding the pregnancy to be a breeze? There was no real pain, not too much aching and she constantly had that pregnancy glow that so many people talk about over and over again, she reminded herself to savor the experience of being pregnant. It felt magical and special and she wouldn’t have changed any of it.

For the world, unfortunately, gary was concerned that things were going too well. He was supportive and happy that kim was happy, but he was also a realist and understood that things could change at the drop of a hat. He knew kim was only a small woman and that the baby growing inside her was only going to get bigger and bigger, so he had reservations about how that would affect the love of his life. Looking at it through his truck driver eyes, gary had doubts about the logistics of the delivery. The baby was fairly large and had to squeeze its way out of a very small tunnel.

He tried to put this at the back of his mind, though nature had it all worked out right. People have been giving birth for millions of years. He didn’t need to worry about it, but he did still after everything was going so smoothly. Even he began to relax into a false sense of security, if only they knew how things were going to change in the very near future and if only they could have predicted their newborn baby’s reaction. Finally, the day of the birth came and kim and gary rushed into the hospital.

Her waters had broken right on time and it seemed like everything was going swimmingly and, according to plan right date, right place. What could go wrong well, as it turns out pregnancies or, more specifically, the birthing process isn’t always as smooth or easy going as kim’s fancy pregnancy books had made out, as it turned out. Her little baby boy had turned himself around and was now laying sideways inside. Her womb, instead of his head, pointing downward as it needed to for birth. He was twisted at a strange angle that made it difficult for him to move through the birding canal and out on top of that he had the umbilical cord wrapped around his body effectively.

Tying him up, it wasn’t the worst thing the doctors had ever seen, but it made the procedure a whole lot more difficult and complicated. Gary was extremely concerned, but he put on a brave face for the sake of kim medical staff pondered how best to get the baby out a natural birth would be preferable, but with kim’s small frame it could cause a lot of damage. A caesarean section was an option, but there were risks of blood loss and infection. After weighing up the pros and cons of each and consulting with kimmersoff, doctors decided that a natural birth would be for the best doctors first needed to reposition the baby inside kim. They did this by massaging her stomach and physically trying to twist the baby around without causing too much stress or getting the cord further wrapped around the child.

There was a very real risk of it slipping around his neck and effectively choking him something that everyone wanted to avoid at all costs. After several long tense minutes, doctors seemed as happy as they were ever going to be about the position of the baby. Now it was kim’s time to shine squeezing gary’s hand she pushed with all her might. It was never going to be easy and even with anesthetics, it was still an agonizing and distressing moment for both the mother and the baby. But finally, the baby boy came out and doctors rushed to cut the umbilical cord from around him, but as soon as they had done that they looked at his face to check, there were no blockages to his mouth or nose.

Keeping the airways clear is important, but they were shocked and more than a little started at what they saw. They had never seen something like that before and while at first they seemed confused, they soon broke out into a laughter. The child had a look that could kill on his face. He was scowling and looked extremely bad tempered. Clearly, the whole birthing ordeal had put him in a very bad mood.

Indeed, the doctors couldn’t stop laughing at even kim, who was in a lot of pain and exhausted, from giving birth managed to look and have a little chuckle at the face of her newborn son. Gary laughed too. He recognized that grumpy scowl, his new little son, had inherited his mother’s moody, tired, look, the little boy didn’t cry or wail. He just continued shooting daggers at everyone in the room. Until doctors took him away to clean him up, everyone in the room was crying with laughter at the bizarre face that the child was pulling and they couldn’t believe they had witnessed something so hilariously unique.

No one could have predicted that such a special and wonderfully magical moment would have taken such a funny turn. Luckily, both the little baby boy and the mother were perfectly fine and the two of them, along with proud father gary started their new life as a little family kim decided that, despite her initial desire to grow a large family, she was going to stop at just One child with the possibility of a second somewhere down the line, maybe and as for the little boy while, even though he came off frowning, his gorgeous smile was enough to light up the whole room and fill everyone’s heart with love. Though no one would ever forget. The moody, miserable and sulky look that he had upon his face as soon as he was born, and now it’s over to you. What do you think of this hilarious?