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Doctors had informed this woman that she had no chance of becoming pregnant, then she got a call tha

Doctors had informed this woman that she had no chance of becoming pregnant. Then she got a call that changed everything. Becoming a mom is something that some women dream about for their whole lives. However, doctors had informed this woman that she had almost no chance hands of becoming pregnant, and she had indeed found it impossible even with the fertility treatments available in modern medicine. But then one night, her sister called her with a possible solution.

Amy Morrisby and her husband, Jake, had given up on the idea of ever having children. After all, the couple, who hailed from Toowoomba Australia, had tried every possible method to conceive, but to no avail. So, with the idea of having kids seemingly unlikely, they adjusted to a childless life. Sadly, Amy had learned that she would struggle to conceive.

Now back to the story. Indeed, doctors are diagnosed her with Hersh disease. This condition affects the colon and causes blockages in the intestine. These blockages, Moreover, can cause scarring of the surrounding areas, affecting their function. However, the damage caused by her condition only became apparent after Amy was admitted to hospital in her early 20s.

She was suffering from severe abdominal pain at the time, and doctors eventually found heavy scarring on her uterus. Unfortunately, the outlook was not promising, Amy told the Daily Mail. I was only 21 when I went into hospital with some pain. That’s when I realized I had a lot of scarring in my reproductive area. Therefore, doctors were concerned that it may affect her ability to conceive, and they warned her that if she wanted children, she probably should do it sooner rather than later.

The doctor said. If I was at a happy time in my life, I should get cracking having a baby, Hani told the Daily Mail. Knowing that she would struggle to conceive naturally, the couple began IVF treatment eight rounds of it. In fact. However, they had been painful treatments, sometimes ending in heartbreak.

Still, of Amy’s eight courses of IVF, four had been successful. However, all would result in miscarriages. As a result, she began to learn the full damage caused by her condition. Yes, endless surgeries carried out to treat the hairspring’s disease had resulted in a ravaged uterus. I got to nine weeks with twins and I lost both of those.

That’s when it all stopped, Amy told the Daily Mail. My bowel surgeon handed me a picture of what was supposed to be my uterus. It was a big ball of scar tissue. A follow up meeting with her IVF doctor would also spell devastating news for Amy. I went back to my IVF specialist and he said to me, you’re not going to get pregnant.

Amy had been trying for a baby since she was 21. Now 26, she was forced to accept that that wasn’t going to happen, Amy said. At this point, me and Jay could properly give it up having children. But then the phone rang and this one late night call would turn into an offer that would change their lives forever. One night, completely out of the blue, the phone rang at 10:00 p.m..

On the other end of the line, Amy’s sister Shana. Apparently Shayna had an idea that might solve Amy and Jake’s problem. The solution was proposed with four small but mighty words, let’s have a baby. Amy was stunned, Shayna told her son. We had talked about Amy needing a surrogate and I always had it in the back of my mind.

And now here she was, selflessly volunteering to be a surrogate for her big sister, needless to say, was a huge moment for all involved. My husband, Aaron and I already have two children, Mackenzie, who is four, and Fletcher, two. I knew how great it was to be a mom, and I thought Amy deserved to experience that too, Shana said. Amy, however, had reservations and was a little more hesitant. I was in complete shock, Amy told The Sun.

I wanted to know that Shayna was sure she was making the right decision. Even if she was going to be my surrogate, she would always be my little sister and felt very protective of her. But with the support of her husband, Shana said that she was indeed willing. Erin has been so supportive, Shana told the sun. We could both see how much Amy and Jake wanted a child and how much it was hurting them that they couldn’t.

And so with Amy’s eggs harvested from a previous attempt to conceive, this time it would be Shayna going through IVF. What’s more, Amy immediately quit her job in order to be closer to her sister. In fact, it was this kind of support that would prove invaluable through a difficult time ahead. After all, their first attempt at IVF resulted in a miscarriage. But on the second attempt, the IVF was successful.

Yes, Shayna was finally pregnant. Jake and I didn’t believe it was happening until we heard a heartbeat, Amy told The Sun. We never heard one before and that was the day it became real, Shana said. Throughout the pregnancy, Amy and I spoke every day. She came to every appointment and helped to look after my children when I was sick.

Not only was Amy there throughout the pregnancy, but she was also present for the birth. The pregnancy was amazing, and watching Shana give birth was extremely emotional and very exciting. Not only was I watching my sister give birth, but I was watching someone bring my baby into the world, Amy said. There were two totally different emotions, Amy told the Daily Mail. When Francesca came out of the water and my husband cut the court, I couldn’t move.

I couldn’t believe what she’d just done. It was a unique situation that brought the two sisters closer together. And gave Shayna a special bond with a niece she’d given birth to. At the end of it all, Amy realized she could never have given birth herself and remains indebted to her brave sister. She said taking Francesca home was a surreal experience.

We couldn’t believe that after everything we had been through, we finally had a little girl. And we can’t thank Shayna enough for giving us this amazing gift.