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Doctors Said the Baby Would not Live. Dad did THIS and Look at Him Now!

This is a story of great faith and hope when you’re faced with a situation where there’s little hope, yet you decide to do all you. Can you inspire others to hold on where circumstances are tough? If your difficult circumstances have to do with the life of your baby, it is even more inspiring when there is a good outcome. This is the story of lindsay and benjamin miller and little baby ward, and it will bring inspiration to your life so stay with us. Couples that want to have children often get to a place where they know the time is right and they want to start a family.

This is what happened to lindsay and benjamin after being married for a time they agreed that it was time to extend their family and they wanted to get pregnant. They were fortunate and soon they heard the good news that lindsay was expecting like most people. They started with the preparations and their emotional bond with the baby started to develop. Benjamin was excited to be involved both in preparations for the baby’s room and emotionally in welcoming a new member to their family. They had nine months to put everything in place before their little one would arrive.

They were aware of the fact that a child was going to change their way of living forever, but they were ready to embrace this change in their lifestyle. Life was good in the fifth month of her pregnancy. Lindsay was at work when she started having cramps at first. She did not realize that it was contractions when the cramps persisted her husband, rushed to her side and took her to the hospital they arrived at. The nationwide children’s hospital in columbus, ohio like every expecting mother and father when there are complications with a pregnancy, their hearts were distraught, but at least now they were at a place where experienced.

Doctors and nurses could help the pregnancy could not be kept back and the little boy was born by cesarean section. The process to deliver the baby was a few anxious hours, but little baby wade was brought safely into the world being born prematurely is always a challenge. Babies born at 21 weeks have survived, but their chances are very slim. Being born at 25 weeks increases the chances of survival to about 50 percent thereafter diaz increased dramatically for premature babies to survive. Wade was born on july 20, 2012 at 25 weeks about 15 weeks.

Earlier than the expected date of delivery, it may sound harsh, but the doctors usually prepare parents that their baby has only a 50 chance of survival. They also tell the parents that there is a big chance of the child having numerous problems and that the child most probably would not be 100 normal. Can you even imagine this message being delivered to your ears? This is exactly what the doctors told, ben and lindsey miller, that day a few hours after the delivery, little baby wade was still alive. He was a delicate 12 inches long, that is about the size of a standard ruler.

He weighed in at 1, pound and 13 ounces and soon dropped to 1 pound and 7 ounces. The little body was so fragile, yet there was still breath in the lungs and the little heart was beating. People react differently to difficult circumstances. All that the miller family could do was pray. They knew that they had to find hope in their faith.

When there’s very little that you can practically do, you can hold on to hope, and you can pray that there is a divine hand that can intervene. The first time that lindsay could hold her son. She was attached to so many life support tubes that it took two people to safely put him in her arms so that she could hold him. This moment was so overwhelming for the mother, you can only imagine how it would feel to see his tiny, helpless little baby lying in an incubator, so you cannot even hold the baby that you were so excited to have. In the back of your mind, you must wonder if you will ever hold the baby, what, if your son dies before you could hold him and tell him that you loved him already.

It was at this stage that benjamin decided to start making a video diary of wade’s life. They did not know how much time he had to live, but they were hopeful and decided that if he would survive, they would need to document his fight for life all along the way. This would be the only way to show him how tiny he was at birth and what a miracle it would be if he survived only four days after their son ward was born. Benjamin could hold him for the first time when they put the baby’s hand in his hand, his forearm was just about as thick as one of benjamin’s fingers on day 10 in hospital, a scan revealed a bloody mass in his brain tissue. His father remembers crying and praying the whole way to the hospital that day.

Everything that was happening was totally out of their control. Fortunately, the bleeding did not grow, but it was slowly absorbed by the brain and did not. Reoccur wade remained a very small baby. Full of life support tubes, but he was fighting with monitors, beeping all the time and his little eyes covered most of the time. They would clear his lungs from any buildup as his little body could not do this on its own.

His mother spent all her days in the hospital and with the assistance of nurses held, the men spoke to him as much as she was allowed to. When he slept in the incubator, she would sit at his side praying and talking to him. It was such an emotional time, but with every passing day, their hope grew stronger and they believed that he would survive after an astounding 107 days in the nicu of the nationwide children’s hospital, little wade could finally go home, although there was still a tube attached to His body this was removed from the network of tubes that kept him alive. Neither lindsay nor benjamin took this for granted. Most of us expect to fall pregnant, deliver our baby after a nine month period and then return home to integrate the baby into family life.

The miller family was grateful that their son was alive and that they could take him home to meet their family dogs. It was a privilege to bathe her son and to watch his facial expressions. Finally, the day arrived that way it could function without any pipes. All parents are excited about their child reaching developmental milestones, but for this family nothing positive that happened was taken for granted for them. It was extra special when he rolled over, sat upright and held his own bottle for the miller family.

Who, in the beginning did not know if their son would survive every living day was a blessing. The original purpose of making a video for the first year of wade’s life was simply to document his journey to fight for a life for the miller family. The help and the support that they received from the nicu at the hospital, however, convinced them to raise awareness of the battle for life and death that occurs daily in the neonatal unit. Vulnerable parents are supported by staff that also have to battle their emotions, while fighting for the preservation of these little premature babies. The first year of war’s life was difficult for the miller family on a spiritual, emotional and physical level.

Initially, they were told that the brain bleeding could affect the boy’s speech and that he would most probably need physical therapy for an anticipated developmental backlog. At 15 months he passed a developmental assessment and his parents were told that he was right on track for his age group at age. Two. He had a reflux problem and would warm it once in about two days because of inflammation in his throat, combined with some sort of allergic reaction other than that there were no side effects or issues from wait being born prematurely in 2020, when wade was seven. His father benjamin did a video interview with the little boy to give the world an update on how he was doing.

At the time wade was in grade 1 and enjoying school, his favorite school subject: mathematics. He loves to participate in ice hockey and has a few favorite teams and players because of their speed and great skating abilities. He aspires to become a paleontologist and has an excellent knowledge of dinosaurs for his age. Like all children, he has an occasional fight with his brother jude aged 4, whom he loves. Aside from loving to ride his bike.

He has been practicing his front flips, but still has to land one successfully after his incredible survival, against many odds, lindsay and jade became ambassadors for live acton to fight for the rights of the unborn child. Their boy is thriving, and that is an inspiration to people all over the world to hold on to faith and hope, even when the chances seem slim and hopeless. Were you inspired by this incredible story? Please let us know in the comments below and subscribe to our channel if you do not want to miss out in the future, see you next time.