Story Time

Elderly woman found a strange piñata hanging in her backyard, she cried when she saw what was inside

At 78 years, old Elena was one of the elderly women who retained a Vitality atypical for her age. She suffered the aches and pains of old age, but she was also very active able to walk and cook her own food. However, Elena was not exactly a happy woman.

Her life had passed without great tragedies, but also without great Joys, and it pained her greatly to be aware that she would soon leave this world without having enjoyed the pleasures of life. It especially pained her to remember that her childhood was a time when she did not have the opportunity to enjoy herself like all children of her age.

The woman spent her days in solitude lamenting that sad situation until one afternoon when she went out to the backyard of her house, she saw a beautiful and colorful pinata hanging from the Rope where she used to dry her clothes. This caused Great emotion to the old lady and made her remember a happy childhood. Atlanta was the eldest of a large peasant family.

Her father was one of those rough men who never dedicated a caress or a few words of affection to his loved ones. So the little girl grew up without knowing what an I love you, a kiss or a hug, was all her childhood memories were moments spent in the kitchen, the place in the house where she was taught from an early age that she was to spend the rest Of her days in the service of the men, around her going to school was never an option because for her father, the academy was a world reserved for boys.

Thus Elena spent the first 15 years of her life, cooking and washing dishes, but longing for a different life because in the radio soap operas she listened to. She could appreciate how girls her age, born in another social condition, had the opportunity to play and enjoy their childhood. What she didn’t know, then, was that her sentence to unhappiness had only just begun when she turned 15 Elena’s parents arranged her marriage to a local man who asked for her daughter’s hand.

Although it was customary, the young girl felt sold because no one consulted her opinion and her father agreed to give her as a wife in exchange for a dowry of cattle. But her sadness must have been lived internally with bitterness, for it was a world in which she had no right even to suffer in a matter of months. Everything was arranged and before she was 16 years old, Elena was living with the man her parents had chosen for her. The sad fate of that woman was beginning to take its first steps. Actually Melena did not find the man she had chosen unpleasant in comparison to other peasant women in her environment who were forced to marry older men.

Her husband was attractive and even affectionate. The problem was that try as she might, she could not think of him as a man she loved, because it was too difficult to separate him from the fact that their relationship had been forced, thus joyless, but resigned. Elena spent the next few years of her life. Being the obedient woman, she had been taught to be devoted to the home, friendless and dedicated to cooking and washing for her husband who,

immersed in his Macho values, was incapable of taking into account his wife’s unhappiness and the hardest part of the marriage had not yet Begun the couple had been married for seven years and had not yet been able to conceive a child. Atlanta was not looking forward to the idea and used to thank every night in her prayers that this was the case, because she feared having a daughter who would have to go through the same life as she did for her husband.

On the other hand, so long without having a child was a problem, because the archaic customs of the society in which they lived caused his acquaintances to rumor that the man was impotent, incapable of getting his wife pregnant. Although she was not to blame for anything her husband for the first time since they married began to treat her badly wanting to offload on her the responsibility for the taunts he received on a daily basis to make matters worse, he began to abuse her against her Freedom, believing that this would increase her chances of having a child for better or worse after several months.

In this situation, Elena finally became pregnant, but contrary to what she had imagined, this news did not calm her husband, who had come to believe that she was infertile and who then accused his wife of being unfaithful with another man. It was the most difficult nine months for her during her pregnancy, enduring her husband’s doubts and his false accusations against her. Fortunately, when the child was born, he left little doubt about his genetic parentage.

His eyes were exactly the same as those of her husband who until then felt convinced that he really was the child’s father. However, the peace of mind that the woman experienced as a result of her husband’s change of heart was not the same even before the end of the period of diet and rest after childbirth. Elena had to return to her usual household tasks now more difficult than before.

Since she had to alternate them with the care of her son, however, none of that mattered to the woman, because she was happy to feel accompanied by a being to whom she hoped to give the proper education so that in the future, he would be a good Man helpful to society and capable of treating women well. Unfortunately, parents often make the mistake of wanting to live for their children and are disappointed when they do not behave exactly as they would like and Elena’s case with her son was no exception.

In fact, the little boy grew up very attached to his mother obedient and being even closer and more respectful to her than to his father, but already belonging to another era. The boy was getting used to the idea of a particular world with his own expectations, and his life project was not to spend the rest of his life in that rural village with his parents, but to get a job, a wife and become independent and at the Age of 17 he tried to fulfill his dreams hastily fulfilling the natural cycle of every boy, which is precisely to make his own life apart from his parents.

Although Elena knew that this was normal, she suffered a lot with that departure. Since it came much earlier than expected – and she feared being alone again in the monotony of a husband like a man, she never loved. Fortunately, shortly after her son’s departure, a new piece of news arrived to Brighton Elena’s life.

Again, she was going to be a grandmother as soon as she found out the woman offered to take care of the baby as soon as he was born. While her parents worked, she was getting older. This was an opportunity to feel young again and to feel the company of someone to whom she could give all her love. The woman felt so happy that she did not even suffer the death of her husband that took place at that time because, although she had learned to be fond of him, the love she felt for her adorable grandson was never stronger than sadness. Although her husband was the one who worked, money was not a problem for her either as her son and daughter-in-law began to pay her a monthly fee for taking care of the baby.

But just when Elena now an old woman thought she was going to be happy. Her dreams were frustrated once again by what she thought would be the reason for her happiness, her grandson from a very young age, the child began to show signs of Detachment towards the old woman more than Rebellion. It was a generational Independence. This child no longer had a rural personality like the rest of his family, but as he gained access to the internet, he began to know another world that he began to long for an urban World in which he dreamed of one day obtaining a University degree.

A world in which Elena had little place, Elena, was 78 years old when fate laughed in her face again at 17, the same age, her son was when he left home her grandson left for the nation’s capital to fulfill his academic dreams, but, just as she was Beginning to resign herself to a life of loneliness, something unexpected happened during one of her grandson’s vacations.

He arrived in the city with a girlfriend he had acquired at the University. She was a humble and simple girl who had managed to awaken, in him a sensitivity to his roots that he had never known before. The couple visited the old woman and had a conversation that changed the grandmother’s life forever. Her grandson asked her forgiveness if he had ever been distant with her and promised her that to the best of his ability, he would be more attentive to her and know how to Value her. Much more Elena in turn, took the opportunity to do what she had.

Never had the chance to do tell her grandson the story of her life, her hard childhood without fun and her monotonous and emotionless marriage. However, a few days later, her grandson had to return to the Capitol and the old woman was again left alone and sad, remembering every day that joyless life she did not need to find out whose pinata it was or who had left it there, because it was Obvious to her that it was a gift from her grandson who perhaps wanted to give her one of those childish moments of happiness that she had never experienced when breaking the pinata.

The old woman found, along with a pair of shoes, candies and even toys, several photographs taken during those vacations in which she and her grandson were hugging each other lovingly that same day, Elena, received a package also sent by her grandson. It was a cell phone that, although it took her a lot of work, to learn how to use it. Since then, it has been useful to talk every night with her grandson, who never forgot his promise to keep an eye on her and who continued to take advantage of his vacations to visit his beloved grandmother.