Ellen Blasts Meghan Markle as Prince Harry Makes Late-Night Exit After Heated Argument

There doesn’t seem to be any love left between them as Ellen strongly criticizes Meghan’s behavior and sheds light on Prince Harry leaving California late at night following an explosive argument.

To make matters more complicated, Ellen points out that Meghan and her mother, Doria, had an altercation that resulted in Harry being asked to leave an Olive Garden restaurant.

Residents of the upscale Montecito, California neighborhood are now questioning Meghan and Doria’s conduct, with some troubling allegations surfacing on the Tumblr website. According to these posts, there’s evident friction between Doria and Harry, and one of Meghan and Doria’s close friends was appalled by the alleged mistreatment of Harry.

Doria and Meghan seemed to take precautions not to leave obvious traces of their disagreements, but they apparently secretly collected evidence of Harry’s threatening and aggressive behavior, particularly when he was under the influence of alcohol.

Ellen expressed her anger and described Doria as a “demon from hell” determined to ruin Harry’s life, alleging that she had lured Harry into drug-related activities.

Some online comments suggested that Doria’s presence was primarily to provide drugs to Harry, feeding into a paranoia that Meghan used to manipulate him.

Reports also indicate that Archie, Meghan and Harry’s child, has had limited interaction with other children in the neighborhood, such as playing at the playground or attending birthday parties. This has raised concerns about Archie’s social isolation.

Additionally, there were claims that Meghan, Harry, and Doria had strained relationships with teachers at Archie’s school due to their actions towards him, and nannies were primarily responsible for his care.

While there have been video segments portraying a seemingly happy family in Netflix series, suggesting quality time with Archie, Ellen and others are skeptical, believing that Harry is being controlled and not allowed to speak the truth about his situation.

Meghan appears to be keeping a tight grip on Harry to ensure he doesn’t reveal anything.

Furthermore, previous media reports indicated that Doria played a significant role in Meghan and Harry’s decision to step back from their royal roles and seek financial independence. Harry allegedly sought her advice frequently, making her a key influencer in their choices.