Emma Watson rejected the leading role in La La Land

After so many rumors, she put an end to the speculation. Emma Watson herself told why she rejected the role she ended up being Emma Stone in La La Land.

For quite some time, many rumors circulated that directly linked Emma Watson to the bad decision of having rejected her role in La La Land. Finally, she decided to put an end to everything that was said and brought to light the true reason for this matter through an interview given to Sirius MX.

The rumors that were circulating had a basis in reality. It is worth remembering that she and Miles Teller were the actors chosen first to be the faces of the iconic couple who fell in love in a musical in the City of Stars.

“It’s one of those frustrating moments when there are different names that are related to a project to create expectation or excitement about something that is to come, but that is not agreed upon or confirmed,” she explained and then was more precise to end the speculation.

Apparently, the reason Emma Watson turned down the lead role was because she had already committed to Disney’s production of Beauty and the Beast by then.

It was that job that led to her decision to finally turn down the role of Mia in Star City, La La Land. Likewise, everything indicated that one of her demands to accept her offer was to move the set to London, the city where she had the filming of her other film commitment.

Emma Watson was in the news for this whole issue in many headlines. Among so many false sayings, some despised her attitude and even called her a “diva.” For her part, the young woman was very precise and even clarified what made it difficult for her to take on both projects:

“I had to learn to ride a horse, dance, and sing. I knew I had to do my job well and I knew where I had to be. So, due to scheduling problems, it didn’t work out” and in that way the British actress finished her explanation of why. that he couldn’t combine both productions.

Finally, this role fell to her colleague Emma Stone, who did very well and even won her first Oscar for her performance in the musical.