Eugenie Ends Friendship with Sussexes as Meghan Markle Allegedly Reveals Her Secret, Prince Harry Upset with Wife

Princess Eugenie has made a notable return to the public eye, bringing some exciting news along with her. The 33-year-old princess took to Instagram today to share that her podcast series with the anti-slavery Collective, Floodlight, is set to return for another season on October 18th.

Eugenie’s reemergence into the spotlight comes after enjoying her summer holidays with her husband, Jack Brooksbank, and their sons, 2-year-old August and 4-month-old Ernest. She also joined her fellow royals in paying tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth on the one-year anniversary of her passing, marking a poignant day for the royal family.

On Instagram, Princess Eugenie shared a heartfelt message in memory of her late grandmother, along with a touching personal photo of herself seated on a bench beside the late Queen. In her caption, she expressed her deep sense of loss, saying, “Thinking of you today, missing you so much but remembering what a life of service, love, and dedication to everyone and to your family meant. You were loved so very much. Forever grateful to you, and you’re always in my heart.”

Fans and well-wishers swiftly responded to the post, offering messages of condolence and reflecting on the late Queen’s legacy.

However, recent reports suggest that tensions may have strained the relationship between Princess Eugenie and the Sussexes, Meghan and Harry. Allegations have arisen that Meghan and Harry may have insulted the late Queen Elizabeth during her final years, particularly in their bombshell interview that revealed inner workings of the Palace and their personal experiences. The impact of their revelations reportedly left the late Queen heartbroken.

The couple’s strained relations with the monarchy were further exacerbated through their Netflix series, “A Memoir Spare.” Insiders shed light on Meghan’s strategic efforts to cultivate relationships, including one with Princess Eugenie, as part of her attempt to get closer to Prince Harry. This involved forming connections with individuals who had ties to the royal family, including acquaintances of Princess Eugenie.

These efforts led to accusations of narcissism and envy, with claims that Meghan regarded herself as holding a higher rank than Eugenie, who, as a royal, was obliged to show courtesy to Meghan. Allegations also emerged of Meghan mistreating Eugenie on occasion when her less favorable side surfaced, such as manipulating her way into Eugenie’s social circle and potentially compromising their relationship during certain events in 2016.

Furthermore, Meghan was said to have influenced the timing of Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank due to the proximity of the Sussexes’ wedding and other royal events. Meghan’s well-publicized tantrum over the tiara lent to her by the late Queen was reportedly rooted in her desire to outshine both Eugenie and Princess Catherine.

Princess Eugenie, however, received the stunning Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara from her grandmother, the late Queen, for her wedding. Public comparisons of the two weddings and Meghan’s behavior after the Queen’s passing, including a mocking curtsy and remarks implying she had outperformed Eugenie in courtesies to the Queen, raised eyebrows.

Eugenie’s impeccable curtsy, particularly after the national anthem, garnered praise, but Meghan’s reactions suggested she took issue with Eugenie’s success, especially coming so soon after her own wedding, where her courtesies did not receive the same level of attention and praise.

These revelations offer insights into the complexities of royal relationships and the tensions that can arise even within this close-knit circle.