Eva Mendes explains why she and Ryan Gosling chose to educate their daughters at home

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, known for their successful acting careers, also showcase a deep commitment to parenting that commands admiration.

Their dedication revolves around placing their two daughters at the forefront of their lives, emphasizing modesty and minimalism in their upbringing. Their parenting journey serves as a poignant reminder that love and family can flourish, even under the unforgiving spotlight of Hollywood.

Their unwavering determination is to provide their daughters with a down-to-earth and unpretentious upbringing, a rare feat in the glamorous world of Hollywood.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, as a Hollywood couple, have made privacy a cornerstone of their relationship. Their distinctive approach to parenting sets them apart from other celebrity couples, as they concentrate on instilling a humble, grounded lifestyle in their children.

The couple attaches immense significance to quality family time, partaking in simple pleasures like visits to the local farmers’ market or frolicking in the park with their little ones. By making family their top priority, Gosling and Mendes underscore the importance of love and togetherness in leading joyful and fulfilling lives, providing inspiring role models for their daughters.

Eva Mendes made a conscious choice to prioritize her family over her acting career. Although she never entirely stopped acting, she opted to take a step back to be there for her daughters. She explained, “I never quit acting. I wanted to be present for my children, and fortunately, my other endeavors allowed me to do so more than acting would have.”

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are firmly committed to being fully present in their daughters’ lives. They meticulously manage their schedules and have opted not to enlist the assistance of a nanny. As one source put it, “They are hands-on parents and do not rely on babysitters.”

Eva Mendes believes in imparting the same values to her children that her own parents instilled in her. For this reason, she treasures every moment spent with her little ones, recognizing how her mother’s presence during her formative years profoundly shaped her. She reminisced, “My mother was able to be there for me at home until I was about 8 or 9, and those memories have had a lasting impact on who I am today.”

Ryan Gosling acknowledges the immense sacrifices his partner has made to create a warm and loving family environment for their daughters. Without Mendes’ unwavering support, he would not have had the freedom to concentrate on his acting career.

He acknowledges the complex juggling act Mendes adeptly manages—raising their daughters while supporting her brother in his battle against cancer. Gosling remarked, “While I was singing, dancing, and playing the piano (in ‘La La Land’), my wife was raising our daughter, expecting our second child, and aiding her brother in his fight against cancer. If she hadn’t shouldered all those responsibilities, someone else would be in my place.”

The Gosling family has made the choice to homeschool their daughters to maximize their time together. While Eva Mendes is not personally responsible for homeschooling, she wholeheartedly supports the decision, recognizing that it may not be her forte. Their dedication to their daughters’ education mirrors their commitment to being fully engaged in their lives.

They are fortunate to have a companion who travels with them and continues their daughters’ education during work-related trips. Eva Mendes shared, “We’re fortunate enough to have someone who travels with us and can continue their education, and what we do is try to incorporate the city we’re in as much as possible.” During their recent extended stay in Australia, she noticed that her daughters even picked up an “Australian accent.”

Homeschooling offers a unique opportunity for parents and children to form close bonds and create cherished memories while maintaining a strong focus on education. For Ryan and Eva, homeschooling not only ensures a quality education but also alleviates the guilt of leaving their daughters behind during work-related travel.

As Eva reflects on the swift passage of time, she expresses a profound desire to savor every precious moment with her daughters. “The passing of time is something I contemplate frequently now. My daughters are growing so rapidly that I need to be more vigilant about the clock than ever before,” she confides.