Fans Are Absolutely Gutted For Charlotte At The Queen’s Funeral

All over the world, people are expressing their sadness as they grieve the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The monarch’s funeral is expected to break a major record as the most-watched live TV event ever.

Viewers particularly sympathized with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. According to The Guardian, at ages 9 and 7, Prince William and Princess Catherine’s two eldest children were the youngest mourners in attendance.

George and Charlotte’s role in the queen’s funeral was a much-considered decision. An insider told the Daily Mail of the Prince and Princess of Wales, “As parents they have, of course, thought long and hard about whether their children should accompany them. Of course little Louis is too young, but they think George and Charlotte are up to it.”

Both children also attended Prince Philip’s memorial service in March 2022. Dressed in a black hat and coat, Charlotte accompanied George, who was dressed in a dark blue suit and black tie.

The children walked between their parents, William and Catherine, as the family followed the queen’s coffin in Westminster Abbey.

Princess Charlotte even paid a touching tribute to the queen by wearing a horseshoe-shaped brooch that Elizabeth had given her.

While the 7-year-old was stoic for the service, the young girl’s actions afterward pulled at the heartstrings of many viewers. At one point, Princess Charlotte appeared to be crying in a photo taken after the queen’s funeral service.

Charlotte and her siblings shared a close bond with the queen and affectionately referred to her as “Gan Gan,” according to Vogue. People on social media claimed Charlotte’s apparent tears drew their own.

Page Six noted that wider shots of the photo reveal Kate Middleton comforting her daughter. However, Charlotte also comforted her mother, according to body language expert Judi James, who told The Sun,

“Kate was silent and dignified in her grief, placing a gently comforting hand on Charlotte’s back a couple of times, although it was Charlotte leaning to whisper to her mother in the service and actually mirroring her mother’s body language to show a display of unity.”

Based on her earlier stoicism during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, not everyone agrees that Princess Charlotte was actually crying.

According to Hello! Magazine, it is possible that the young princess was just wiping her eyes or blocking out the rays of the sun.

Around the time that the photo in which people thought she was crying was taken, Charlotte had been dutifully aware of royal protocol. Royal fans were delighted to observe Charlotte and Prince George’s chatter at Wellington Arch.

While the queen’s coffin was placed in the hearse, Charlotte instructed her brother to bow, according to Manchester Evening News.

So through good times and bad, these royal siblings are set to be in the spotlight for the rest of their lives.

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