Five best films of Salma Hayek with Antonio Banderas in Cinema

Labyrinth of Passions (1982)

This classic is Almodóvar’s second film and tells the love story between a young nymphomaniac and the son of an Arab sheik. While she is part of a violent musical group, what interests him most are cosmetics and men. Music, violence, chases, passion.

Here, Banderas makes his official debut on the big screen, even though months before he had done so in Enrique Belloch’s film, False Eyelashes.

Matador (1986)

Again from the hand of Almodóvar, Banderas tells here the story of a bullfighter who has been forced to retire prematurely due to being F-, he realizes that his obsession with killing does not disappear, only that now his objective will be the women. Making love and killing at the last moment is the closest thing to the ineffable pleasure of an afternoon in the bullring. The problem worsens when he meets María, a woman with tendencies similar to his.

This film gave the actor his first Goya nomination, an award given by the Spanish Film Academy.

Philadelphia (1993)

Andrew Beckett, a promising young lawyer from Philadelphia, is fired from the prestigious law firm where he works when his bosses learn that he has contracted AIDS. He then decides to sue the company for unfair dismissal, but at first, no lawyer agrees to defend his case.

Antonio Banderas played Miguel, Andrew’s boyfriend, played by Tom Hanks.

Interview with the Vampire (1994)

When he wishes, the vampire Lestat turns his victims into vampires, thus granting them the gift of immortality. At the end of the 18th century, Lestat turns Louis de Pointe, a man devastated by the loss of his wife and his little daughter, into a vampire. Two hundred years later, at the end of the 20th century, in San Francisco, Louis decides to tell his story, the story of love, terror, and ecstasy of a vampire, to a young reporter, Daniel Malloy.

Desperate (1995)

El Mariachi, a mysterious guitarist, returns to avenge the death of his lover and the mutilation of one of his hands. However, he will make a new mistake: getting involved with Carolina, the owner of the café-bookstore in a town dominated by a gang of drug traffickers. Upon meeting the Mariachi, she understands that his destiny is going to change. Together they will challenge Bucho’s gang to a bloody duel.