Five Celebrities who were almost discarded from the role that brought them to fame

  1. Salma Hayek as Monica
    Salma Hayek ventured into Mexican soap operas, having starred in Teresa in 1989, so the public at that time most likely wanted to see her again on the small screen.

And for a moment, she almost ended up being Monica in Wild at Heart, having even done costume fittings for the character. But, the one who ended up getting the lead role was Edith González, and surely Salma did not regret it much, since in a short time she conquered the Hollywood red carpet.

  1. César Évora as Juan del Diablo
    It was already difficult to imagine Mónica without Edith González, but as if that were not enough, Eduardo Palomo was not the producer’s first choice either (in fact, he was not the second either). In fact, at first, they thought about giving the role to Cesar Évora, but the executives thought that the actor still lacked enough experience to give strength to a character like Juan del Diablo. Although Caesar understood it, they decided to include him in the plot, including a character named Marcellus.
  2. Alejandra Espinoza as Rubí
    When the remake of the telenovela Rubí was announced, it was well known that the selection process would be difficult, since Bárbara Mori set the bar very high in her 2004 version.

But there was no shortage of candidates, among them, Alejandra Espinoza was one of the most renowned actresses to play the woman as beautiful as she was dangerous. And although she didn’t get it, she also got a role in the story as Sonia.

  1. Aislinn Derbez as Lichita
    At the beginning of the production of this story, several names were considered for the role of Lichita. Without a doubt, the one that caught the public’s attention the most was that of Aisliin Derbez, who at that time was mostly known for working on the big screen.

But apparently, the actress did not feel connected to her role, since she did not participate in the soap opera. Although we are left wondering how she could have done it, we cannot imagine anyone other than Maite Perroni giving life to the nice and adorable Lichita.

  1. René Strickler as Fernando (The Most Beautiful Ugly)
    Another actor who was far from being the first choice to star in a soap opera was Jaime Camil in La fea más bella. When the production company called him, he told him that he was the FOURTH choice for the role and that he could only get it if René Strickler, and two other actors, rejected it.

Fortunately, for Camil, the other leading men were not at all tempted to accept a leading role in a production that was not going to be broadcast in prime time, and that looked very unpromising. Surely today they must still be lamenting his lack of faith in the project.