Florida Mom ‘G-Bngd’ By Daughter’s Friends, Cops Uncover Details

Florida mom gangbanged by Daughter’s Friends Cops uncovered details A 40 year old mother from Bradenton.

Florida was gangbanged by five of her daughter’s male friends from high school. The illicit encounter went down during a party at her home in Manatee County.

When the cops showed up at the scene, the woman was drunk and they soon learned the sick reason why it all went down. Jamie Air from Bradenton, Florida has been arrested for having s*x with five of her teenage daughter’s male friends, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. Detectives say that AER’s Child hosted a party at her Florida home and invited students from two local high schools.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Air arrived home the night of the party and began coming Ling with the students.

She also gave alcohol to the teenagers.

This started a series of events which spiraled out of control very, very quickly. After supplying the teens partying at her house with alcohol, Jamie Air told one of the male students that she needed help showering. The teen helped her shower and she then had s*x with a 16 yearold and 17 year old at the party, according to the Brighton and Herald. Originally, authorities believed that these were Heir’s only victims and she was charged with three counts of unlawful se*ual activity. However, as time went on and the story behind the alcohol-fuelled evening evolved.

A total of five victims were identified.