Former Buckingham Palace Employee Alleges Bullying by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

In a surprising revelation, a former Buckingham Palace employee has come forward, albeit anonymously, claiming to have been bullied by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This individual believes that the royal family should permit the palace staff to share their experiences and counter what they perceive as falsehoods presented in the upcoming docuseries “Harry and Meghan.”

The docuseries, set to be released in two parts, with the first installment scheduled for December 8 and the second on the 15th, has already stirred considerable controversy based on previews released by Netflix.

“The only way to definitively put this to rest is to allow us to speak out and for the palace to vehemently repudiate their allegations,” stated the former staff member to Time UK.

Numerous royal family employees are of the opinion that remaining silent about the comments made by Harry and Meghan is unjust. However, they face a significant obstacle in the form of the confidentiality agreements they have signed, binding them to non-disclosure regarding their work within the palace. Violating these agreements could potentially lead to legal action, leaving the staff feeling unable to defend themselves.

The ex-employee voiced their frustration, saying, “Meghan knows we cannot financially protect ourselves in a legal battle, so she continues to press on. To her, it’s all a game, and she seems to relish it. While I have chosen to maintain my silence out of respect for the crown, if they persist in attacking us and tarnishing our characters and reputations, we need to feel equally supported by the royal family.”

The situation has prompted backlash on social media, with many users expressing their discontent with Meghan and Prince Harry’s actions. The hashtag #MeghanMarkleisaliar has emerged on Twitter as a symbol of this growing frustration and skepticism.