Former Staff Leaks Meghan Markle’s Defamatory Diary Entry about Catherine Found by MI5: ‘Kate Never On My Level’

A former staff member has reportedly leaked Meghan Markle’s defamatory diary entry about Catherine, which was discovered by MI5. In the diary, Meghan allegedly wrote, “Kate Never On My Level.” The royal family has been dealing with an infiltrator intent on violating their most private spaces, and it’s unlikely that Meghan will be allowed to return.
One way she has tried to undermine the royal family is by threatening to release her diary, with some of these threats confirmed and others unconfirmed. There is a leak within Meghan and Harry’s former staff at the palace, who are preparing to expose the contents of Meghan’s palace diaries.

These diaries are said to contain potentially explosive secrets that could cause a crisis for the entire family. Meghan had been keeping a diary since her time in the UK, filled with personal thoughts, feelings, and revelations about each family member. This includes her dislikes, how she handled conflicts, and undisclosed royal showdowns.

The journal was rediscovered this summer, and according to sources, Meghan wrote scathing remarks about Kate Middleton, describing her as “a creepy woman” who tries to mimic everything Diana used to do, attempting to win sympathy by invoking her late mother-in-law. The diary entry reportedly concludes with Meghan asserting that, regardless of what anyone thinks, Kate will never be on her level.

These diaries were allegedly left behind at Frogmore when Meghan and Harry left the UK, and they were found by MI5 or another authority. Photocopies have been made, and the contents are known. While the royal family has a team to deal with such threats, they seem unconcerned about the diary. Diaries tend to become interesting only after someone’s death, and even then, their contents can be destructive.

If Meghan were to release a tell-all book based on these diaries, it could be detrimental to both her and Harry, potentially leading to their ruination. This is because neither of them appears capable of introspection. The royal family had already been through a turbulent time, with the Oprah interview, fears of further revelations, and the Sussexes’ Netflix docu-series shaking the institution’s foundations. Meghan’s public attacks on the family, especially during a challenging period for the Queen, have caused significant harm.

The Queen had faced a challenging year, with Prince Philip’s declining health and the public attacks on the monarchy. Meghan’s memoir and interviews promoting it came at a time when the Queen’s own health was deteriorating, adding further stress and strain to an already difficult period. The attacks, especially the Oprah interview, had undoubtedly caused harm, and the Queen would have perceived them as damaging to the institution, particularly among the younger generation.

A former staff member is alleged to have leaked Meghan’s defamatory diary entry about Catherine, creating potential turmoil for the royal family. Meghan’s public actions and revelations have strained her relationship with the monarchy, especially during a time of significant challenges, including the declining health of Prince Philip and the Queen’s own health concerns.