Former US Presidential Bodyguard Declines Protection for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at Invictus Games, Citing Loyalty Concerns

Today, we bring you a story that is bound to leave you both astonished and puzzled. It’s the tale of former US presidential bodyguard, Chris Sanchez, who unequivocally turned down an offer to protect none other than Prince Harry during the upcoming Invictus Games in Germany.
So, Chris Sanchez, a seasoned former Secret Service agent, is no stranger to protecting some of the world’s most influential leaders, including Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. However, he recently made headlines by flatly rejecting an offer to provide security for Prince Harry during the Invictus Games, even if it meant turning down potentially millions of dollars.

The big question is, why did Chris Sanchez turn down this prestigious opportunity? It appears that Chris’s decision stems from his unwavering pride and principles. He simply cannot bring himself to work with someone he considers a traitor.

This is a man who has dedicated his life to safeguarding the highest echelons of power in America, and he has no intention of compromising his values for anyone, not even a prince. Chris currently works for a Houston-based private security company called Touchstone, where he offers close protection to business leaders and other VIPs. He is renowned for his commitment and dedication to his profession.

In an interview, Chris revealed that his inspiration to join the Secret Service came after watching the movie ‘In the Line of Fire’ starring Clint Eastwood. He was captivated by the mystery and allure of the Secret Service, and over his 14-year career, he has lived up to that dream by safeguarding some of the most influential figures on the planet.

However, his recent refusal to protect Prince Harry has sent shockwaves through the security industry and left us all wondering about the true motives behind this unexpected decision.