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Chris Evans Couldn’t Stop Looking At Elizabeth Olsen’s Boobs on the Red Carpet

Chris Evans couldn’t take his gaze away from Elizabeth Olsen’s cleavage .t the “Captain America: Civil War” premiere in London on Tuesday night, April 27. Evans was intrigued by Olsen’s boobs as shown in several photographs acquired by ET, as he was caught staring at them during group photos on the red carpet.

Olsen wore an Alexander McQueen gown with a big split down the front, and it’s reasonable to conclude that boob tape was used. Her hair was done in loose curls and was blonde. She finished off her appearance with smoky eyes and rich red lipstick. Evans, on the other hand, donned a black suit with a white shirt and a green necktie. He was spotted smiling and then pouting his lips as he stared at Olsen’s face.

The unsuspecting celebrity didn’t see the hundreds of paparazzi positioned in front of him, recording the precise moment the gap in Elizabeth’s Alexander McQueen gown allowed him an excellent glimpse of her superpowers.

It’s a shame there’s no audio of Chris responding to his discovery, but I’m sure his vocabulary includes words like “wow” and “bazinga.”

The headlines went viral on the internet. “Elizabeth Olsen Stuns in Plunging Retro Gown, and Chris Evans Can’t Stop Staring!” “Chris Evans Caught Staring at Elizabeth Olsen’s Breasts!” “Chris Evans Wants to Bury His Head in Elizabeth Olsen’s Chest.” Scandal!

Redditors went on to compete in an epic Photoshop battle based on this image, and the results will leave you speechless.

Evans recently revealed on Anna Faris’ podcast his favorite female body part. “I’m way, way, way more of an a** man, clearly more of an a** man,” the 34-year-old actor said, “Just everyone knows. I like butts.”

Captain America: Civil War will be released on May 6.