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FULL STORY > Jennifer Lopez's bodysuit bursts open during live performance

Jennifer Lopez nearly experienced a significant wardrobe malfunction during a lively performance at the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina.

The talented singer was on stage at the American Airlines Arena in Miami when the back of her bodysuit burst open.

However, the star carried on with her performance as if nothing had happened, facing away from the audience.

The bodysuit was designed to be revealing, with white stars covering her modesty.

Nevertheless, Lopez did not shy away from showing off her famous backside, as she bent down during her performance.

Despite the wardrobe malfunction, Lopez continued to put on an energetic and engaging performance, singing with Alvaro Soler on “El Mismo Sol” and later collaborating with rapper Wisin for “Adrenalina.”

After changing into a metallic mini-dress, knee-high boots, and fishnet stockings, Lopez then performed with Prince Royce on their hit “Back It Up.”

Royce also added to the performance by taking off his shirt, revealing his toned abs.

The star seemed to enjoy herself throughout the performance, taking to Twitter afterwards to express her excitement.

Lopez will soon begin a Las Vegas residency in January, with a show called “All I Have.”


In a recent interview, Lopez said, “I want to be a high-energy, Bronx kind of block party. I want the show to be always changing, so it’s a unique experience every time – one night a Selena song, and another maybe something by Diana Ross.”

She continued, “It’s always been my approach to performing, to work, to everything I do in life: I give it all I have.”

It is not the first time the star has had a wardrobe malfunction during a live performance.

However, the star is not one to let it get in the way of her performance and continues to entertain her fans.

With her upcoming Las Vegas residency, fans can expect more of the same energy, and entertainment from the talented singer.

With her impressive moves and powerful vocals, Lopez has solidified her status as one of the most popular performers in the music industry.

Her Las Vegas residency is expected to be a hit, and fans are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to see her perform live.

Her recent wardrobe malfunction is unlikely to deter her fans, as they know that Lopez is a professional who will always give her all on stage.

Lopez’s career has spanned decades, and she has consistently proven herself to be a versatile performer.

From acting to singing and dancing, Lopez has done it all and done it well. Her Las Vegas residency will be a showcase of her talents, and fans can expect to be entertained from start to finish.

As a global icon, Lopez continues to inspire and entertain fans all over the world. With her upcoming residency, fans can expect to see her give it all she has, as she always does.

Lopez’s wardrobe malfunction at the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina is a minor setback that will not affect her ability to put on an incredible show.