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Kat Dennings Comments on Chris Evans’ Leaked Nude Photo

Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, had a social media faux pas this weekend when he mistakenly uploaded a snap of his genitals on Instagram. Evans was fortunate in that the scenario did not turn out as badly as it could have, with everyone realizing that it was a mistake. Kat Dennings, a fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe performer, hopes that this kindness will be passed on to women in the public eye when they face similar situations.

Kat Dennings, who will shortly reprise her role as Darcy Lewis from Thor and Thor: The Dark World in WandaVision, pointed out the double standards on Twitter this week.

Her message was as follows: “The public respect for Chris Evans’ privacy/feelings is wonderful. Wouldn’t it be nice if it extended to women when this kind of thing happens?” The post rapidly went viral, with over 217k likes at the time of writing.

After her post, several people expressed their support for the Two Broke Girls star, highlighting the double standards that exist when it comes to supporting men and women in comparable situations. Many of her followers and supporters rallied around her, tweeting their support. One of her fans even brought up a previous instance involving a well-known Hollywood star whose iCloud account was hacked and her nudes were exposed on the internet. The fan went on to say that the internet blamed the starlet for having nudes in her phone, despite the fact that she never uploaded them anywhere, and that she did not expect her account to be hacked since she was a celebrity.

Kat Dennis has a lot of experience in this field, even if it wasn’t within her control. Denning’s nude images were released online in 2010, and the same set of photos reappeared in 2013. Dennings gently begs that those who were compassionate towards Chris Evans in this embarrassing situation do the same for women, since she is far from the first actress/celebrity who has had nude images taken of them and disseminated on the internet against their permission.

Evans finally addressed the event yesterday on the Tamron Hall program, stating, “Look, it was a very interesting weekend, full of lessons learned. You know, things happen. It’s embarrassing but you gotta roll with the punches. I will say, I have some pretty fantastic fans who really came to my support. That was really, really nice.”

Darcy Lewis, played by Kat Dennings, was a major supporting character in Thor’s first two solo adventures in the MCU, but she hasn’t seen since. We don’t even know what would have happened if she had been one of the victims of Thanos’ snap, which was undone in Avengers: Endgame, so it’s a moot point.

Kat Dennings will reunite with Darcy in the new Disney+ series WandaVision, albeit it is yet unknown how she will play a role in the tale. WandaVision’s ensemble includes Randall Park returning Jimmy Woo (last seen in Ant-Man and the Wasp), Teyonah Parris portraying Monica Rambeau (who was played as a youngster by Akira Akbar in Captain Marvel), and Kathryn Hahn reprising a yet-to-be-identified role described as a “nosy neighbor.”