GIRL Slips Note To Waitress Under Napkin, 10 Minutes Later Cops Show Up

A girl slipped a note to a waitress under a napkin in a small diner. The waitress, Emma, felt something odd was happening but was at a loss for words as she found the handwritten note hidden between the napkins. Her face flushed as she read the girl’s message, and she knew she had to act fast. The couple could leave at any moment, and she couldn’t let them get away. So, she let the note drop to the floor and rushed to the doors, locking everyone inside.

Emma had noticed the couple’s strange behavior the moment they walked into the diner. She’d had gut feelings before, but none were quite this strong. The girl’s eyes were covered by large sunglasses, while the man led her to a table in the back. The last thing Emma wanted to do was serve them, stacking two menus on top of each other. She sighed and headed for their table.

When Emma introduced herself, the man hardly acknowledged her presence. He grumbled their drink orders, his eyes glued to his phone screen. His girlfriend didn’t say a word, her eyes focused on the hard wooden table before them. Emma always despised serving impolite customers, but she was about to deal with more than just rudeness. She couldn’t explain the odd sense of discomfort she felt around the couple. The man was constantly looking over his shoulder, while the girl sat motionless, her dark glasses covering most of her face.

When Emma expressed her concerns to a fellow waitress, she assured her there was nothing to worry about. Strange people passed through the diner all the time. Emma tried to comfort herself, thinking they would leave eventually, and she would never have to see them again. All she had to do was mind her own business.

However, Emma’s unease increased as she noticed a tiny, concerning interaction between the couple. It sent shivers down her spine, and she quickly called 911. Born and raised in Franklin, Massachusetts, Emma Davis was your average 22-year-old student. When she wasn’t on campus focusing on her degree, she worked as a waitress at one of the most popular diners in town.

One Thursday afternoon, Emma was nearly late for her shift due to campus traffic. She managed to clock in just two minutes early, but she was particularly tired after handing in her final assignment for the semester. The first two hours of her shift went by uneventfully. However, when the door swung open and the couple entered the diner, Emma’s stomach dropped.

The woman had a thick scarf around her neck, despite the 82° weather, and her face was hidden behind large sunglasses. The man appeared scruffy and tense. They immediately stood out from the friendly customers Emma was used to serving. It was clear that the man was significantly older than the girl, and they appeared to be in an unusual relationship.

Approaching their table, Emma tried to maintain her politeness, but the man hardly acknowledged her, grumbling their drink orders. The girlfriend didn’t make eye contact and remained silent. This unusual behavior left Emma deeply unsettled. She discussed her concerns with a coworker, who dismissed them, claiming that weird people were common in the diner.

Despite trying to ignore the couple, Emma couldn’t help but notice the girl’s avoidance of eye contact and her refusal to speak. She decided to focus on her other tables, as her shift was coming to a close. However, the situation took a bizarre turn when the girl asked for her napkins to be checked. Emma initially found nothing unusual, but upon closer inspection, she discovered a hidden message on one of the napkins.

Panicked, Emma reported the situation to her manager, who promptly called 911. The diner’s doors were locked to prevent the couple from leaving. Emma anxiously awaited the arrival of the police. When they finally arrived, she let them inside. The officers read the note, which revealed an abusive situation. They arrested the man, bringing relief to the girl who had been trapped in the abusive relationship for months.

The girl was grateful, but as she removed her sunglasses, Emma spotted a bruise around one of her eyes. The abusive relationship had finally come to an end, and the abuser was taken into custody, bringing closure to a distressing ordeal.