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Groom enters to his bride at the first night when he started taking off his clothes he was shocked

Groom enters to his bride at the first night when he started taking off his clothes, he was shocked when you are blinded by love. It means that your relationship goes beyond anything, logical or rational. You have a strong emotional attachment to another person and lose any sense of objectivity when they’re involved, even if what’s going on, is not so great for them or yourself.

In a study of 335 married couples, researchers found that s*xual satisfaction significantly predicted emotional intimacy for husbands and wives, while emotional intimacy did not appear to have a significant influence on s*xual satisfaction. The concept of love is blind, builds emotional intimacy, but doesn’t allow, while weddings are one of the most precious moments in life.

This man’s own was his saddest. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he received a letter stating his bride had dumped him. However, a few years later, she requested this shocking thing from him and in response made her weep. Literally evan was an only child of his parents. He spent most of his time with his nanny and his parents went on frequent business trips.

However, whenever they were around, they tried to make it up to him by taking him on luxurious trips and also giving him expensive gifts. But none of this replaced his loneliness. He still needed someone to share his feelings with and hoped his parents would have more time for him. While this never really happened. His wish for genuine friendship got granted when natalie 13 and her family moved to his street a few days after their arrival, natalie was riding a bicycle when she tripped and fell evan, who was just standing nearby quickly rushed her aid and helped her up.

Thank you. Natalie said coyly, and it was from that moment on, he felt dangerously in love with her. If you ask me, this was also the time he should have also run fast as his legs could have taken him, because the future they held together was heading for doom. Unfortunately, no one warned this young teenager as evan got older. He became more conscious of his feelings for natalie and everything she did made.

Him fall in love, but he never found the courage to express himself until one evening. I have something to tell you. Evan finally said a few days before natalie’s 18th birthday, he was 20 at the time and decided it was time to let her know about his feelings, so he invited her over to the house at 6 pm don’t be late. He said happily, when the day came, evan cleaned the house and towards noon. He prepared fresh meals as evening approached.

He decorated the room with balloons, flowers and a handmade card which read be my girlfriend by 5 30 pm. He was already dressed and waiting for her. Unfortunately, this night would be a nightmare when it was exactly 6 p.m. The doorbell did not ring.

Maybe she would be here in 30 minutes he thought, but by 7 pm she still hadn’t come so evan rushed down the street to check, but it was quiet and empty. There was not a single person walking on the road and his heart, ached mercilessly that’s when he dialed her number and it was switched off when that happened.

He felt dizzy immediately after suffered a splitting headache unable to hold himself he rushed down to her house, but the entire building was locked by 8 30 pm. Evan was still hoping she would come around. Each passing second only intensified his pains.

Was she safe had something bad happened? He worried and eventually dozed off on the cushion. It was a deep sleep and it was only the doorbell that woke him. At 10, 30 pm rushing to the door. Evan saw the girl of his dreams and tears.

He dumped me, he broke up, natalie sobbed, heavily evan was so confused. He did not know what she was talking about. Then natalie told him. She had a boyfriend all this time and was going to tell him today too. She spent the rest of the night crying and he never got the chance to express his feelings.

A few weeks later, natalie called evan to say that she had gotten back to her boyfriend because he promised to turn a new leaf. Whoever that man was evan knew he would not hurt natalie again, not once not even twice. It hurt him so much to see her being treated that way, but what was even more painful was he never got to express his feelings? Did she even like him at all? He wondered well, he soon found the answer to that and he regretted it a lot natalia continued to be mistreated by her boyfriend until one day the worst happened.

He left the country and never returned evan expected his return for months. Everyone who saw her knew she was depressed. She lost a lot of weight and shed tears morning and night throughout this period. Evan was by her side until he decided it was time to try again so one day he asked her out, i have watched other men treat you badly and i’ve always loved you. If you give me the chance natalia, i will take away your pains and dry.

Your tears he said and waited for her to decide his fate. Then he heard a faint, yes and then she said again and pulled him for a closer kiss. The best feeling they say in the world is kissing someone for the first time when you’ve already wanted to kiss them for a long time, and this was exactly how evan felt that moment also marked the beginning of a relationship. Evan thought he was heading to a beautiful forever how wrong he was from that moment. Evan did everything to make natalya happy.

He gave her several gifts and made sure he put her first at all times. One day she told him you’ve opened my eyes to what love really is and what it feels like. You’Ve changed my life forever and i’ll never leave. You, however, did she really mean those words several months later, evan proposed to natalya and she agreed the wedding preparation started immediately. They chose the wedding date and soon this day came on that day, evan was the happiest man on earth.

He wore an enchanting smile and dazzled in his tuxedo as he waited for his bride. You see during the courtship, evan and natalya, never even had the slightest misunderstanding. However, a week before this day, natalya became an entirely different person. She was gloomy easily irritated and most of the time was lost in thought. But when evan asked, if anything was wrong, she flashed a killer, smile and said: oh i’m good, it’s just the wedding, i’m nervous because we have invited so many people, but don’t worry i’ll, be fine.

Unfortunately, evan believed her that day, just when evan thought that something was happening to his new bride, he saw the car that was supposed to bring her emerging. Everyone stood up immediately and clapped their hands, but when the car finally pulled up, only the driver came down for the next few seconds. Everyone kept expecting the missing bride to magically appear and come down from the car. Then they realized that was not happening and everywhere fell the dead silence. The guests watched in horror as the driver approached evan and gave him a note.

When i collected the letter, i saw the words. Forgive me written boldly on it. I needed no one to tell me she wasn’t coming. I knew whatever the letter contained would kill me. Yet i opened it and i read it.

Evan said here is what the letter contained. I know you would give me the world if i asked for it, but my heart belongs to someone else. My ex got in touch and we are together again. He is the only man who can make me happy, not you and i cannot marry another man except for him, look elsewhere for your bride. As soon as evan was done.

Reading the paper fell of his hands from his reaction. The guest knew his bride had dumped him. He watched everyone stand up and took the leave till there were only two people left his mom and his dad we’re sorry. Son someday you’ll find another woman. They said he backed to his room and decrypted his cloths and all gifts that he wanted to give her in their first night.

He never understood that she never looked at him this way, maybe his friends but nothing else. He was totally shocked, and but that was the first time they ever said something he didn’t believe he knew within his soul. He would never love another woman like natalya. She was his life, unfortunately, just when he thought he finally had her slipped away. While his parents watched evan, picked up his bags and rushed into his car when his dad asked where he was heading, he screamed to get the only woman i ever loved but she’s gone.

She never loved you, don’t you see his mom cried, but he just sped off getting to natalya’s house. The door was locked soon enough. He met her neighbor, who told him natalya, had left for the man this morning and it looked like he wasn’t coming back for a long time right there. He sat on the floor and wept his eyes out for months. Evan battled depression as he struggled to move on.

It took him three years before he finally overcame the pains of rejection he suffered. He never forgot what happened in his room. He made the word that there was no woman in this life. Who could hurt him again slowly? He came out of his shell and even started to socialize.

Again then, one day an unexpected visitor showed up at his door when he went to get it. It was natalia. She had returned to say she deeply regretted her actions and her ex dumped her. Once again. If you take me back, i will never leave again.

I have never stopped thinking about you. She said seeing her once again brought back all the feelings evan had buried and let her in she told him. She was sincerely sorry and she wanted to marry him now. Guess what evan agreed all the necessary preparations were made soon enough. The wedding day came.

Natalia was so happy and she was even the first to arrive at the home this time around. She was the one waiting for her groom. It didn’t take long before a car meant to bring evan arrive but to natalya’s great surprise, evan wasn’t in the car. Instead, the driver came down and handed her a letter. She smiled thinking.

Evan was preparing a surprise, but when she started reading she desperately wished she could turn back the hands of time. The letter read: you only came into my life after your ex-boyfriend left. You claim you now love me, but that’s not true natalia you will leave again and again when you left. You took away my very existence. I waited for your return days turned into weeks and then months still, i was ready to take you back, but when you came, i realized i deserved better.

You told me you would marry no other man. I do not exist for you anymore, that day, natalya wept until her wedding gown was soaked with tears, never mistreat the heart that loves you, because sometimes you may never get such energy back. How do you feel about this story? Do you think natalya deserved a second chance? He deserved a better life. Far from her.

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