Harry and Kate Middleton got along before Meghan Markle destroyed their relationship

Kate Middleton was more than just her brother’s girlfriend to Harry of Sussex, Harry considered his sister-in-law a sister (until Meghan Markle arrived).

Of everything that has been told about the story that Enrique de Sussex gives of his life in his memoirs one of the most shocking episodes has been the story he gives of the wedding of Kate Middleton with her brother, Prince William.

The heir to the throne is portrayed by Harry as a groom who arrives at the altar smelling of rum and the Duke of Sussex himself defines his role as best man at that wedding as a paripé: neither the groom nor the bride wants to give him that role. This a strange anecdote if we take into account that at that time Harry still considered his sister-in-law as a “second sister”, a good harmony that remained until Meghan Markle came into his life.

Harry and Kate Middleton’s relationship was like before Meghan Markle
Kate Middleton met her future husband at the University of St Andrews and was her girlfriend for eight long years, from 2003 to 2011. This means that she struck up a friendship with Harry when he was just a teenager and built a relationship with her. side of her a bond of accomplice older sister.

So complicit that on one of Enrique de Sussex’s birthdays, he dared to give him a “girlfriend” in the form of an inflatable doll and they enjoyed being neighbors and watching Game of Thrones together. Recently Harry also revealed to the media that it was Kate Middleton who encouraged him to go to a costume party dressed as a Nazi. That’s the kind of trust, and intimacy (and bad decisions) they shared.

While Kate Middleton became, over time, a kind of sentimental support for Henry of Sussex during a youth that was going downhill and without brakes, the youngest son of Charles III served as a cicerone for the new acquisition of the Windsors in the complicated vital organization chart of the British royal family.

The images of Harry making Kate laugh in 2008 at the exit of the very high-profile Order of the Garter ceremony went around the world as did those of Harry whispering in his sister-in-law’s ear at St. Paul’s Cathedral in 2012 when they were attending one of the Queen’s Jubilee events.

The good harmony between the two was so obvious that it was taken for granted. Harry himself confirmed this when the royal couple made their engagement public in 2010. “I always wanted a sister and now I have one. “I have known Kate for years and it is fantastic that she is becoming part of the family,” he explained to the German magazine Bild. But Meghan Markle arrived.