Story Time

He Paid for Poor Girl’s Education, Unaware that 12 Years …

Hi guys. Even despite all the sad news that we hear every day and the tons of negativity around us, we must always remember that our world is still full of kind people. Today I’m going to share a story that proves once again that selfless good deeds don’t just bring pleasure and make the world a better place, but can also bring back more kindness and even save our lives. This is exactly what happened to a resident of China, Chiang Hua, who came to the aid of a little girl named Tamlin when she was in a difficult situation, having no clue that many years later, fate would bring them together again. Little Lynn was born into a very poor family in the Chinese Providence of Sinchon.

Her father was disabled and her mother often got seriously ill. That’s why she had to help her parents all the time. Since her very childhood, and even taking on the responsibilities of taking care of her two younger sisters, the family somehow managed to make ends meet. But then something terrible happened. In 2006, the family lost their home in a terrifying earthquake.

They had to move in with their neighbors because they couldn’t afford to buy a new house. Despite all that happened, Lynn didn’t despair and studied diligently to fulfill her dream of going to a University. Somehow, the girl managed to remain friendly despite all her problems. Once, on an ordinary day, she met a man named Cheng Hua, a farmer who helped victims of the earthquake. It is worth noting that Cheng grew up in the family of a poor farmer, and thus he could relate to all the hardships of the girl’s life from firsthand experience.

After hearing her story, seeing her living conditions, and the amount of work she had to deal with every day, he wanted to help the poor girl, so he gave her his phone number and asked her to call him when she graduated from school. One could probably think that those were just empty promises, but since Lynn had no other choice, she did call Chung. Several years had passed, and of course, she didn’t expect the man to remember what he said, but she was pleasantly surprised that he did. After the prom, Lynn decided to call the number that she had kept through all these years. Amazingly, the kind farmer not only remembered her but even told her to apply to a medical school.

It was like a dream come true for the poor girl. Chung Khui not only helped her get into the University, but even paid for her first year, and it was $1,000. In addition, this man she barely knew kept sending the girl a certain amount of spending money, and later he even paid for her sister’s education. It was hard for Lynn to believe that it was happening, that a stranger could do something this incredible, especially since Chung wasn’t some kind of a millionaire. His income was just above average, but it didn’t prevent him from doing good.

So Lynn, years later, was comfortable and happy. But as it often happens in life, years went by and the two lost touch. Chung continued to work on his farm from dusk till dawn, and we have no idea how many people he helped during this time. However, years took their toll on his health, and one day when it seemed that nothing could go wrong, the man suddenly lost consciousness. During dinner, the ambulance arrived at the call and urgently took the man to the hospital.

The doctors diagnosed him with a brain aneurysm. The situation was very scary and even life-threatening. However, he was treated like a very important patient the entire time. The man was surprised when a day later, he was transferred to a separate Ward and received special care. The best doctors arrived at the hospital to check on him.

He was truly shocked by all the attention. The meds were expensive and so were all the procedures he had to go through. But when Chung asked about their cost, the doctors only told him not to worry about it. Soon the man received all the necessary medical care, which helped him avoid complications and grave consequences. Most incredibly, Chung got better.

Even without surgery, which is usually performed in similar cases. This was a miracle, to say the least. However, the most interesting part was yet to come. A little while after he got better, the door to his room opened and a young woman came in. She came over to Chung and hugged him.

The man was confused for a split second, but he quickly realized who was in front of him. Well, guys, I think you’ve already understood that it was the very same Lynn. As it turned out later, the girl got married and was working at that hospital. Learning by chance that Chung had been admitted, she used all her knowledge and skills to help her old acquaintance. Together with her husband, they took care of his documents and paid for the treatment.

Moreover, she used her connections, and thanks to Lynn’s efforts, Chung recovered very quickly. However, the most incredible part about this story is that Cheng needed help because he hadn’t been doing very well lately. His farm had been suffering huge losses and he eventually ran into debt. As the man said later, I certainly would not have been able to afford the treatment at the hospital. After the incident, Lynn’s and Chunk’s families decided to stay in touch, so now they visit each other on weekends and holidays.

Well, what an amazing turn of events. The man sent the poor girl to medical school and twelve years later, she saved his life. As you can see, it is true. If you do good, it will come back to you. Maybe not the next day, maybe not even eleven years later, but it definitely will eventually.

So guys, do you believe that good things come back to you? Do you believe in what goes around? Comes around? Be sure to share your opinion in the comments.