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He put his ex-wife in the rails but what the snake did was amazing!

He put his ex-wife in the rails, but what the snake did was amazing. At the age of 18 margaret married david, she had no strong feelings for the guy they dated for six months, and then he proposed to her and margaret agreed at first.

The girl didn’t notice that she and her husband were different david preferred to spend his free time in the company of friends. Such events did not do without alcohol and he was bored at home margaret, on the contrary, was a well-mannered and educated girl and did not fall asleep without a book after graduation from college. She got a job in a library where she got a rather low salary.

David at that time worked in a factory and earned enough, but after a few years the factory was closed and david was left without a job. By that time the family had a daughter named seoul, so money was woefully inadequate. David spent more and more time in the garage with his friends margaret was asking her husband to find a part-time job, at least for example.

She suggested him to get a job as a cab driver, but david did not think it was a suitable job for him. Literally weary sighing and crying at night from the constant lack of money soon the woman realized that she would not get any help from her husband, so she got a part-time job at the cleaning company herself.

As the years passed, the situation did not change much david. Sometimes managed to get a job, but he did not stay anywhere for a long time and therefore the money came into the family budget. Also irregularly margaret still kept asking her husband to get a normal job, complaining that she was tired of working three jobs.

Appealing to his conscience, but david got used to the fact that margaret herself was doing quite well and always answered her unceremoniously that he did not force her to work and did not want to hear such talk margaret finally realized that she could not change her husband, Woman finally came to terms with the fact that she was almost the sole breadwinner in the family, but despite this, she never even thought of divorcing. Her lazy, husband margaret had always depended on other people’s opinions and was very afraid of what they would say about her with a dead and resigned gaze, and only her pillow witnessed her tears at night when margaret turned 40.

Her daughter’s soul got married very soon. The woman realized with bitterness that her daughter was repeating her fate. Soul’S husband was also a lover of partying. He could be rude to his young wife and he did not bother to work either. Margaret had an even harder time, because now she helped her daughter’s family.

As well, she helped, with their rent, bought groceries, sometimes gave money for her daughter’s education. The unfortunate woman had no time to take care of herself. The thought of where else to work was always on her mind. She gave her all for the benefit of the family, leaving nothing to herself. Almost all of margaret’s friends looked much younger than she did by that age.

They took care of themselves, went to beauty, salons swimming pool fitness club watching their diet, but all in good time and one day, margaret woke up abruptly and her life changed radically. As usual. In the evening, she went to the supermarket to buy groceries after picking up a basket full of food. According to the list margaret stood in line. Suddenly two girls of about 16 tried to get in without queuing margaret, who had been waiting for 20 minutes was indignant and shamed the girls, but the teenagers just laughed out loud and said that pensioners like margaret, have nothing to do in retirement anyway.

So she can afford to wait the whole day margaret was very hurt by these words when she returned home, she went to the mirror and began to scrutinize herself with a critical eye. By the time she was 45. She had acquired a bunch of diseases, dark circles under her eyes, a gray complexion, not a trace of her former beauty, was left. A flood of questions arose in her head. When was the last time she’d taken time for herself, when had she had time to put cream on her face and hands when had her hair grown so dull, and why was she now noticing the gray among the strands margaret kept looking at herself wrinkles also added To her age, the woman always bought cheap cosmetics and she always had no time to do makeup.

She worked from morning till night, just like a squirrel in a cage, margaret preferred gray, brown and black clothes. There were no beautiful dresses in her closet with shoes. Was the same thing, the woman mostly bought simple shoes. Without a heel margaret looked at her hands how much weight she carried with them? How many dishes she washed her rough working hands had never known manicure.

The woman thought are these girls right and i can be mistaken for a pensioner, how could it become? I was once the best looking girl in my class and the boys fought over. Who could carry my backpack? What tears flowed from her eyes, but with them it was as if an unprecedented power was rising inside of her. Suddenly she decided that no longer will she let herself be hurt.

No longer will she not be the only breadwinner in the family will not work for three people and carry two families without resting. A plan had been hatched. In her mind, she decided to change her life. I deserve better. I’Ve had enough.

The next day, the woman woke up feeling elated she decided to live for herself and the first thing she did was call her daughter sol. I love you very much and i understand everything you got married unluckily and you need money for education for an apartment, but you have to understand me too.

I can’t work alone for everyone else, so, my dear, i suggest you get a job after you study or even transfer to distance learning, and also i’ll tell you something that i’ve only now realized if your husband does not satisfy you in some way does not appreciate And does not take care of you; it is better to divorce. Do not take my example and do not repeat my mistake. You should value your life and not sacrifice yourself for someone who does not deserve you.

Goodbye. Think about what i told you margaret hung up. The phone and was smiling to herself when out of the house, she had great plans today. The first thing she did was go to the beauty salon at first. She stopped on the threshold, embarrassed the thought of leaving flashed through her mind, but remembering how, yesterday she was called a pensioner margaret firmly opened the door and went in five hours later.

A rejuvenated margaret came out of the salon with an unconcerned smile lighting up her face in the skillful hands of the masters margaret changed into a completely different woman. She did not recognize herself. She had a stylish haircut and colored hair. Now she had beautiful manicure on her hands. The salon beautician advised margaret on how to take care of her skin and did some treatments and the makeup artist did the daytime makeup.

Now the woman had a shopping trip on her plan. Having transformed her face margaret already felt more confident she bought some beautiful lingerie, several pairs of fashionable shoes and three dresses the clothes she had come to the store in the woman simply threw away. When margaret came home, her husband was watching tv with beer and chips when he looked at margaret, he asked in shock. Why did you dye your hair and where did you get that dress? However, she never knew what could have happened later.

He want to took revenge from her. After her words, he invited her for drink of coffee. He was prepared for a coffee with sleep pills and did what he planned in the first place. He put her in car and drive away near rail where there was no one who can discover this bad intention with woman who’s supposed to his daughter mother. He leaves her on rails, so the first train take her life down.

He could not imagine, and no one can imagine that an animal has more mercy than some people, a python pull this woman away from rails and she wake up in a manned house. He has a python pet, a huge one, but he never that his pet could save the poor woman and change their lives. She told him her story and call police and a camera recorded. What really happened, what really shocked the media and everyone he was arrested and changed her life for better with a healthy relationship with tom, the man and his pet that saved her, and how much did it all cost? What don’t you like asked margaret slyly?

I just don’t understand why all this transformation, why spend money on trinkets her husband, said dryly? Suddenly, the doorbell rang her daughter supported her in every step. It came soul. She was very concerned after her talk with her mother this morning and came to see if she was all right. When soul came inside, she was surprised mom.

I don’t recognize you how beautiful you have become you even looked a few years younger. How much money did you spend on this? Let’S go into the kitchen said margaret mom you’re glowing with happiness. I just suddenly realized that i’m a woman, i’ve, never pampered myself, never bought anything. You go to the hairdressers and get your nails done every month, and today i went to the beauty salon for the first time in my life, i’ve never felt so happy, maybe only when i gave birth to you that day.

I still remember. As now i became a mother today is a day. I will also remember forever, not just because i changed my hair and bought things starting today, i’m going to live my life. The way i want to live it, i’m going to sign up for the pool and fitness class, find an interesting hobby in my free time. Read all the books that i always didn’t have time for and many other things that i always put off and you please make your own life think about what you want and be sure to talk to your husband about it now.

Excuse me, i have something to say to your father and then i’m going to bed tomorrow. I have an important interview for a job that will give me moral satisfaction. Not just money. Margaret saw her day’s daughter off and walked over to her husband turn off the tv. Please, we need to talk.

Here’S the deal, i’m filing for divorce, you’re not going to work and i’m not going to support you anymore. I’M going to live for myself. First, i’ve waited 20 years for you to get serious. I’Ve had enough tom sat in silence. Suddenly he realized that margaret who provided him and created comfortable living conditions was leaving him and how will he be without her?

She was carrying everything on her shoulders, while her husband sat at a loss margaret went to the bathroom. She changed into her pajamas and smiled at her reflection in the mirror. No doubt that the black stripe of her life was in the past, and now she would have an interesting job in hobbies and perhaps a new love. These thoughts made her heartbeat and her eyes shine with happiness.

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