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He went on a picnic with his brother then he saw legs coming out of the ground!

He went on a picnic with his brother, then he saw legs coming out of the ground. Brad asked his grandfather to tell him how his brother saved the most important woman in his life in just a picnic tour. Sarah and walter met at one of the conferences dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative technologies in various areas of business.

Anna was already a wealthy arrest at the time as her parents had died in a terrible car accident two years earlier and charles harris was a cunning and far-sighted man who immediately saw the potential benefit of such a relationship and therefore did his best to charm. The modest anna at first life, with charles felt, like a fairy tale.

The charming young man did everything to make his wife feel loved and desired. Bouquets of roses, gifts and breakfast in bed literally drove anna, crazy, filling her life with joy and meaning, but time passed and little by little charles feelings, faded away.

Of course, this didn’t happen overnight. The man quickly felt rich and privileged believing that the whole world should revolve around him. Many of anna’s acquaintances told her that charles only married her for money, but the naive young woman preferred not to pay attention to what seemed obvious to everyone else.

In the five years of their marriage, the couple never managed to get pregnant, which had an extremely negative effect on their relationship. Deep down anna felt guilty about it, and so she tried to make it up to her husband in every possible way.

Charles, on the other hand, got increasingly used to the role of the rich man who could do anything he wanted. Meanwhile, the man completely disregarded the fact that he owed everything he had to his wife, whose parents left her an impressive inheritance at some point, charles got so carried away by playing the multi-millionaire that he even started. Having an affair.

Mary wallace was an assistant at the firm that used to belong to anna’s father, a spectacular blonde, with an appearance worthy of the cover of a men’s magazine immediately attracted charles attention and a week after they met, they were already sleeping together ever since then, the lovers Started seeing each other almost daily, of course, this couldn’t go on unnoticed by anna who started finding long hairs and lipstick stains on her husband’s things. However, anna was afraid to ask her husband about it directly to continue naively believing in his excuses.

Meanwhile, his secret passion, mary, wasn’t satisfied with the supporting role assigned to her by her cunning boyfriend at moments like these, charles was ready to sink into the ground from his inability to take control of his own life. The fact was that he was still dependent on anna who owned all the financial assets of her late parents. Now, if i were to get rid of anna i’d, become the sole owner of her fortune, charles whispered, frightened by his own revelation.

But the idea that all of his problems could be solved this way had already firmly settled in his mind. One day, tired of the constant fighting charles impulsively shared his idea with mary. So, what’s the matter dear help, your wife pass to the afterlife and live happily, the woman felt her lover’s mood and immediately decided to use it to her own advantage more than anything in this world, mary wanted to be the wife of a wealthy man who would Surround her

in luxury and wealth, charles hesitated for several days before deciding on the plan that mary came up with, however, in order to implement it, he needed to lie to anna and lure her into a trap and to do this. Charles started a conversation about how nice it would be for them to have a picnic in the woods you have to agree. After all, having lived in florida for so many years, we have almost never done anything out in nature.

Let’S take a camera and take some amazing pictures of the beautiful landscapes it will be so romantic and it’ll be a good opportunity for us to revive our feelings and discuss our relationship charles suggested, with a simple smile. Having heard her husband out anna couldn’t help but start smiling.

This was partly due to the fact that the woman really wanted to spend time out in the fresh air and partly because she had great news to share with her husband, of course dear. Let’S do it it’ll, be wonderful. Anna responded and hugged her husband having gotten the approval of his naive wife, charles started, to implement his risky plan.

Charles chose the most remote and swampy part of the forest in advance, and it was there that he intended to take his wife on the day of the picnic charles and anna drove out of town in the woods, leaving the car in a clearing hidden from human Eyes the man took his wife on a barely noticeable path, leading deep into the forest like an experienced guide. Charles, are you sure that we need to go so deep into the forest?

Did Anna ask worriedly? Of course, dear trust, me, I’ve explored this area carefully before taking you, charles hasten, to reassure his wife. Unfortunately, the unsuspecting anna took her husband’s words at face value and obediently followed him to the forest.

The more they went, the more impassible the terrain became, which justified the reputation of the south of the united states famous for its swamps at some point, charles deliberately slowed down and let his wife go ahead, but before anna had time to take a couple steps. Her legs were ankle deep in a swampy mess. Charles. What’S this, it looks like i’m stuck in the swamp anna exclaimed in fright and turned around, but when the woman looked into the eyes of her husband, she saw only cold indifference there. Meanwhile, her legs were bogged down in the foul smelling slush up to her knees.

What are you aren’t going to help me and exclaimed with tears in her eyes, charles only grinned, and shook his head in response? That’S the place for you. The man sat and took a few steps back why charles anna kept repeating unable to stop crying, because you owe all of your fortune to your parents. After all, it was them who left you all of your money, and all i got from my father was mountains of debt and an old house on the outskirts of the city, but i deserve to be rich. No less than you do charles replied angrily.

Then he looked around like a hunted, wolf and walked away, ignoring the cries of his wife. I’M pregnant anna thought plunging deeper into the quagmire. Bitter tears were flowing down her cheeks, the poor woman, couldn’t stop thinking that two lives would be lost in this swamp. Deep. In the woods floundering, desperately anna was well aware that she wouldn’t be able to get out on her own and when the mud had already passed the level of her chest and almost reached her throat, the woman suddenly felt dizzy and lost consciousness being in a semi-conscious State anna felt an incredible lightness and a feeling of flight caused by a sharp pull.

I probably died already the woman thought closing her eyes, but when anna opened her eyes again, she saw that she wasn’t actually hovering in the air, but that she was resting in the hands of me and my brother, who were you and how did you get here? Anna whispered, softly, you shouldn’t talk, miss you need to save your strength. The stranger said in a pleasant voice and quickened his pace being carried by this forest giant. Anna immediately calmed down and closed her eyes. The next time the woman woke up.

She was already in a small town, she could smell herbs and something else something that vaguely resembled the mixture of vanilla and pine needles. I’M glad you woke up. Miss said the owner of the house smiling hospitably. To anna’s surprise, i wasn’t actually a force giant, but a tall man of about 30 with sparks in his eyes and a very pleasant voice, as it turned out a little later. Anna’S savior’s name was brad pullman.

I was a lonely widower who lost his wife and son in a plane crash three years ago. I was in tour with my brother in the woods, but the most surprising thing was that, after the death of his loved ones, brad built a small house in the wilderness and started living there with his cat’s bike and from time to time. His younger brother comes from the capitol to visit him. The man took her to the bathroom so that she could clean herself up. Then brad listened to her story and thought about it.

The cruelty with which anna’s husband tried to get rid of her didn’t fit in the man’s head. Looking at the woman trembling with fear and from the stress, she experienced brad felt a surge of inexplicable sympathy. This was also partly explained by the fact that anna looked very much like his late wife. I hope you just won’t leave it like that and will find a way to punish your husband. Brad asked cautiously anna shrugged her shoulders in response and lowered her eyes, not knowing what to say.

The point was that the woman had no idea what she needed to do next, having survived her husband’s attempt to kill her, she was well aware that she didn’t have any evidence to prove what her husband tried to do to her, and it was unlikely that the Police would just take her word for it. I think I can help you with that. Anna anna raised her eyes in surprise and looked at her savior brad smiled and with the look of a circus magician announced that he had recorded the entire scene by the swamp on his phone camera.

The man went with brother jack on their usual, walk in the woods and became an accidental witness to the drama that unfolded they’re, choosing not to reveal their presence brad simply recorded everything that was happening and after charles left, he rushed to help anna out of the Swamp with this kind of evidence, your husband definitely won’t get away with what he did. Brad added and confidently touched the woman’s head at that moment tears walled up in anna’s eyes, but there were tears of joy and gratitude and not sadness.

Charles was detained the same day thanks to brad’s testimony and the recording from his phone. Under the pressure of irrefutable evidence, charles quickly confessed and gave up his accomplice. Unfortunately, it was impossible to start a criminal case against charles mistress, so mary escaped with just a slight fright, but charles now was facing a long sentence in the most secure prison in the state.

After the incident in the woods, brad and anna stayed in touch, and six months later, they got married. Brad grace accepted the fact of anna’s pregnancy as a true gentleman and treated her with understanding and love tired of being lonely.

The man was happy to get a new family and was willing to raise anna’s unborn child as his own. Meanwhile, Charles only got to learn about anna’s pregnancy from the prison guard who wanted to surprise him and told him the exciting news. Looking sadly, at the barred window, the man covered his eyes with his hands and started crying.

Unfortunately, tears didn’t bring Charles any relief, but only aggravated his depression. Meanwhile, after all the hardships, anna and brad faced in their lives, they were finally rewarded by fate and were living a happy family life enjoying each other’s company and raising their baby together.

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